Zest for Life

We should all know that God’s plans for us can be held-up or delayed if we do not fulfill the last thing that He has directed us to do. This is saying that sometimes we have to learn something, or sometimes we have to even finish something, in order for our transition into the next phase of Kingdom life to occur.

We will surely go from glory to glory as we allow the Holy Spirit to take us through deeper levels of understanding and sanctification. We can come to a stand-still though. If this happens, we need to whole-heartedly seek God’s Face, and there, we need to ask Him just what it is that we have not learned or have left undone. This can sometimes be as simple as the renunciation of certain doubts, worries, or even habits (even eating habits), or it may be us getting our hearts right with regard to certain people.

Beloved, if this journey is starting to seem a bit long and drawn-out and un-purposeful to you, then ask God for clearer VISION. It is vision that keeps even our painful trials a purpose. We can’t lose sight for God’s purpose in things, for if we do, the pain of certain circumstances can overwhelm us, and can rob us of our zest (our spirited enjoyment and gusto) for God .. and life .. and people.