Worked to the Good

I broke a bone in my foot fairly recently, and (though in pain) I have been walking on it for a few months not knowing it was broken. According to the podiatrist who diagnosed this break yesterday (I rarely ever go to a doctor but this was the leading) this broken bone is not one that ordinarily heals because there is no blood supply to it (it apparently gets its nourishment from surrounding tissue). Anyway, an x-ray shows that the bone IS “trying to heal.” I’m apparently going to be laid up for a while until it does though. Along these lines, this short word may help to strengthen you and give you peace in the midst of your current trials. — D

Certainly we all go through trials (some seemingly more severe than others), for Love carries faithful people into places of trial, tribulation and suffering because these things (when not rejected nor recoiled from) ARE TOOLS used by the Father to let-out the self-life, and deliverance from self is the ONLY way for man to enter into the fullness of Christ’s resurrection, the fullness of Life.

And so, it’s best not to murmur and complain because of our trials, but rather TO REST IN THEM – to see and experience God IN THEM and CO-OPERATE WITH HIM in them for they are the way of salvation for us – even the way of the cross.

I know that this’ll sound weird to natural thinkers, but I’ve been thanking and praising God lately for the broken foot, trusting that this trial (as with all of them) is being WORKED TO THE GOOD by the Spirit.