Wise Stewards

I was sharing with someone yesterday that most of us have not been faithful stewards over the Lord’s temple (even our physical bodies). To drive this point home, and to describe what most of us have been putting on and in our bodies for years (having been subject to Babylonian mindsets), I used the analogy of a custodian or janitor of a church building. I asked the person who I was talking with at the time to imagine this custodian (who’s job it is to care for and maintain the building) walking around with a cup of coffee in his hand and spilling coffee on the carpets everywhere that he goes. I then asked this person to imagine this guy putting his cigarettes out on the floors, or even him blowing his nose on the curtains in the place. This is certainly not the kind of guy that should be put in charge of caring for the building, huh? But this is exactly what many of us have been doing as “stewards” of the Lord’s house, not so much caring for the building as LED BY THE SPIRIT as much as we’ve being driven by our carnal appetites and our convenience and our ignorance.

I propose to you here, beloveds, that how we eat and care for these physical vessels can be (and should be) an act of worship unto God. I really think that many of us today need to repent with regard to the way that we’ve been eating and caring for these temples. This IS NOT about do’s and don’ts, but is about FREEDOM. It is about getting away from Babylon’s tables and eating as those who live and move and have their being in the Kingdom of God (and being a lot healthier for it). Babylon is crumbling, beloveds, and the Kingdom of God is at hand, even in the things that I describe here. Ask the Lord if this is so.