Why Banners?

For years I refused to allow ads or banners on the website, but I’m going to allow just a couple of them now which can serve as portals for shoppers. I encourage you to use these, as they can generate income for us which can offset website costs and also help us in our outreach to all kinds of hurting people.

One of these banners is an Amazon portal. Simply put, when people access Amazon through this banner and buy something, Amazon helps to support the work that we do by paying a small commission on the sale.

Of course, the same thing goes for Plant Therapy. Plant Therapy is a company that I’m recommending now, since, 1); they’ve joined up with EO expert, Robert Tisserand, 2); they are providing GC/MS reports on all of their oils (which is extremely important in these days when adulteration of essential oils runs rampant), and 3); they have added a significant amount of certified organic oils to their line. I use a lot of PT’s certified organic oils, and I’ve got to say – their efficiency and their quality of service is really good.

And so, if you are a user of essential oils or are someone who shops at Amazon from time to time, you can shop for the things that you need or want through the banners on this website and you can help us at the same time! (and at no additional cost to you, of course).