Whistle’s A Blowin!

I sometimes feel as though I am hitting a little hard with all of the “Come out of her, my people” stuff. But the truth is, I have to share the word for which the Lord has given me a burden.

The bottom line, beloved, is that there is a glory train that is departing for the Kingdom of God, and very few people are actually getting on it. Oh, most Christians think that they’re already on it … yes they do. Because they are on a train… indeed they are. And that train is on a track … yes it is! And the whole thing feels as though it is moving forward! … AND IT IS!

But if they could only see the truth! If they would only turn and repent of the religious mindsets and hardened hearts, then they would hear what the SPIRIT is saying to them in this day. Then they would know, and truly understand, that the train that they are on (as fun and as glorious as it has seemed for a season) is on the wrong track! It is not on the track that leads to the fullness of Christ! No, it is not!

“But how can that be?” they say.

“Wrong track!” says the Spirit.

“But it’s been so fun, and at times even… whheeeee!!! Glorious!”

“Sorry, wrong track!” says the Spirit.

“But it’s the best train ride I’ve ever been on!”

“Wrong track!”

“But everyone that I know rides this train!”

“Sorry, wrong train, wrong track!”

“What train and what track is this?”

“That is the train that rides the rails of Mystery Babylon’s park of amusement! Entertaining? Can be. Transfiguring? Definitely not! Do you want to be changed into the image of the Son of God?”

“Yes, of course I do! With all of my heart I do!”

“Then you’ll need a transfer … Here, take this and go … and hurry!! The whistle’s a blowin, glory train’s a leavin! Hurry! Hurry! Go! Go! You don’t want to miss it!”