When Teaching Stunts Our Growth

I am often amazed at how the ego can take things which served as tools for our awakening and then use those things to neutralize our quest for truth – use those things to essentially create A MENTAL PRISON in which we feel relatively content in our current state of understanding (or lack there-of). On the other hand, when we are always eager and open to learn (anything and everything) from the Spirit, God’s forever self-transcending truth can set us free from the “truth” that is defined by the ego and its cherubimic influences.

In other words, beloved, though the ego is constantly seeking to stop our quest for truth by stopping us from asking questions – by getting us to settle in on certain perspectives – by it trying to make us believe that ultimate, absolute and unquestionable truth has been found by us in our current perspectives, our direct connection to the Spirit of Truth can (and will) lead us from such egoistic confinement IF we will just search for truth outside of our current state of understanding having become AWARE of the mechanism by which our ego turns belief systems into a closed box.

What this is saying, folks, is that the ego can (and does) use even valid spiritual teachings to create closed boxes, and that people get stuck in these boxes (mostly) by way of their intellectual and spiritual PRIDE. I think it’s even safe to say here that no true teaching is designed to give us absolute truth, but rather, true teachings are designed to take us higher and higher IN CONSCIOUSNESS by taking us deeper and deeper into our relationship with God. In other words, the message of a true spiritual teaching is that there is something BEYOND the teaching, that outer teaching is only meant to show us THE WAY into the fullness of Kingdom of God that is within us.