What’s In A Look?

Someone commented (critically) recently about a mugshot picture of me. Yeah, that’s it above – not from a police booking, but taken for a new passport and which was also being used as my profile picture for gmail (because I don’t have anything else). A brother, just this morning, then made a comment about how we (in Christ) should try to always walk around with “a friendly smile” on our face. Because of these comments, I share with you this; my response to this brother and a testimony from the streets of Toronto. The short of it is that our thoughts and the EMANATION FROM OUR HEARTS is what people FEEL. Smiles are cheap, but genuinely radiating Christ’s love (in various ways) will cost us everything (I do admit that the above picture looks a bit “vacant” – but it’s a passport photo, for God’s sake. So gimme a break). Anyways, please read on, as there just may be something to learn here. — D

* * * * * *

First, lets get it straight (frankly, it amazes me that we’re even discussing this), in that pic I was at AAA standing in front of a white screen and staring into a very bright light to get a picture made for the government. I wasn’t even relating to a human being at the moment – hence the blank stare.

Next, I operate, largely, out of a prophetic office. It is a particular (divine) calling and commission, and unless you share that calling and commission there is no way for you to know about the tremendous burdens that are constantly laid on people who hold this office. Tell me, can you think of an OT prophet (or NT one either, for that matter) who was known as someone who walked around with “a friendly smile” all the time? Jeremiah was known as “the weeping prophet.” Elijah? (yeah, right). Isaiah? (yeah, right). John the Baptist? Oh, yeah. I’m sure that he wore a Farrah Fawcett smile everywhere.

Next, and as I have said, love is a VIBRATION which comes from DEEP WITHIN OUR BEING, and though “smiles” at times may have something to do with this, that is a very superficial (and dense) manifestation of God’s love and kindness. Here’s a testimony which demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about. Notice that there are no “friendly smiles” mentioned here – “pained” and “searching” are mentioned, but nothing of smiles, yet look at what happened…

* * * * *

What’s In A Look?

It was late Sunday night and the streets were somewhat deserted, and as we rounded the corner of Dundas and Yonge St. in Toronto, a word was quickened to me on a sign. The word was “give.”

It wasn’t but moments later that we came across a man who was sitting on a sidewalk. We walked over to this man and he said to me, “It’s you! I’ve met you before! Not too long ago you gave me some money. I don’t think that you even said anything to me when you gave me the money, but I will never forget your face because of the way that you looked at me. With just a look I was overwhelmed by compassion and love. I’ve never had anyone look at me that way before. Never. You seemed pained by the suffering that you saw, and you seemed to be searching someplace really deep for understanding of what you saw, but it was LOVE that was expressed to me through that. REAL LOVE…in just a look! Just that look has had a profound affect on me. And now, here you are again! Wow.”

As you can probably imagine, Rick and I were really touched to hear this. Who would think that anyone could be so profoundly affected by just a look. It is amazing to see how God reveals Himself in different ways to different people, and it’s amazing to hear what happens in their hearts when He does this. What’s most amazing of all though, is that the Lord desires to do this “revealing” through us.

Anyway, this beloved man’s name is John, and he is alone on the streets of Toronto, forsaken by most everyone and he is dying. The doctors have given John little time left to live, but I gotta tell ya, this brother has got more joy in his heart and love for God than most spiritual people that I meet these days. This guy is firmly and deeply connected to the Lord because the Lord is all that he’s got left. I could tell you more about him and about our meeting with him, but there’s probably not much need for that. Perhaps some of you will just pray for him.


With regard to the photo, what I’m getting from the Spirit about this now is that the most effective messengers are those who have become one (vibrationally) with the message. Also, in the spirit-world beings manifest their vibration in more obvious ways than people do in 3d, and as we grow in Christ and ascend vibrationally we too will manifest in more obvious ways (even in our flesh) our inner vibration of being. You might be able to see the benefit of this.

Anyway, the reason that the passport photo seems to be so “vacant” (this is what the Spirit told me this morning) is because the whole thing (the process of taking the picture at AAA) was empty/neutral for me, and so, that is exactly what you see. I was essentially in a trance-like state with no thoughts or judgments at all at the moment the pic was being taken, and as I said, I was not even relating to a person then but to a camera and a very bright light. Do you see this? You should be able to. Take a look at the picture again if you need to.

And, as I shared with the poor sister who said she that was “very disturbed” when she looked at the picture of me (Really? Come on..), I have absolutely nothing to defend in this and I think that she might want to look within her own heart to find the true source of this “disturbance.” I have an idea just what this might relate to, but I’m not being led to comment on that here.

I will say that I do see the intensity and urgency which comes along with the prophetic vibe in the pic, and this was instilled in me about 18 years ago when my life (and my whole state of being) was completely transformed by the Spirit – when the off-switch (to spiritual things) was completely disabled and spiritual intensity was turned up to 11! Again, this message is NOT about me, but (as far as I can tell) this is about a spiritual move of God that is intended to get His church ready for the coming age and way.