What Is The Key Of Knowledge?

The original message of Christ became lost when people who depended on the human intellect and the analytical mind became the Church’s teachers and distorted Jesus’ true message and turned it into A THOUGHT SYSTEM that the intellect can fathom. This gave intellectually inclined people the sense that they could be in control of others, and this allowed politically motivated people to use the intellectuals to create a religion that was perfect for suppressing the population.

The limitations of the human intellect cannot be known by the human intellect because it is not capable of “stepping outside of itself” to look at things from a higher and broader perspective. These limitations can be known through another faculty of the mind though. Jesus was clearly aware of this, and this is why he did not enter into intellectual discussions with the scribes and Pharisees but instead used short, baffling statements to confuse (and demonstrate the limits of) their linear thinking – things like, “The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.”

Jesus knew full well that his message would not be acceptable to intellectuals, and this is why he taught in parables and it is also why he chastised the lawyers (the teachers) and accused them of taking away the “key of knowledge.” The “key of knowledge” is the essential key to grasping the true message of Christ, and as the teachers of 2000 years ago took this away from the people then, so today have the majority of the Christian teachers taken it away from the people, almost none of them talking about the key of knowledge or making any effort to restore it. In fairness though, most of these modern-day “lawyers” are simply not able to grasp the significance of the key of knowledge because it cannot be fathomed by their intellect.

In Jesus’ day he attempted to make it very clear to those who “had eyes to see” and “ears to hear” that he was not preaching a message that came from the material world and therefore it would not appeal to natural minded men. Jesus stated that he spoke only what the Father had given him to speak, yet very few Christians have truly understood the significance of this. In making such statements, Jesus was attempting to distance himself in a fundamental way from the lawyers, the scribes and the Pharisees, who were only looking at the old scriptures and using their intellects to interpret and reinterpret those scriptures. In contrast, Jesus brought forth a new revelation directly from A HIGHER SOURCE. What was Jesus’ aim in distancing himself from those who dominated the religious life of his day? It was TO LIBERATE PEOPLE from being the blind followers of those who were blinded by their own deification of the human intellect, from those who could not see that they had created their own religious interpretation and had lost the connection to the reality of Spirit.

In contrast to the religious leaders of the day, Jesus became THE OPEN DOOR for people, so that the Spirit of Truth could speak directly through him to them and thus give the people a true message, a message that was not colored by the illusions of Anti-christ and which could empower people to reconnect themselves with the Spirit. As Jesus said, “God is Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

Take note that Jesus did not say that men should worship God through their intellect. To worship God “in Spirit and Truth” means to develop one’s intuitive faculties so that they can have a direct, inner experience of the Spirit and of Truth. That is one meaning behind the often ignored statement made by Jesus that those who believe on him shall do the works that he did. In other words, we all have the potential to make use of the key of knowledge as Jesus used it, and if we didn’t, Jesus would not have spoken about it.

What Jesus was truly saying between all of the lines is that he had no desire for people to accept his message out of intellectual reasoning, but rather, he desired for them to GO BEYOND THEIR INTELLECT into an inner knowing of the reality and the truth of what he preached and demonstrated. This very essential aspect of Christ’s message has been almost completely lost though, as the teachers took over and created the official Christian religion, a religion that is now almost entirely dominated by intellectual interpretations and doctrines.

Beloved, the “inner man” of men is made in the image and likeness of the divine mind, in the image of divine THOUGHT and divine EMOTION and it has the capability of relating to the spirit world through deep intuitive experience. This leads to an inner knowing that the spirit world is indeed real. Yet this knowing is fundamentally different from the outer knowledge of the human intellect. Just as your natural eyes are instruments that are capable of detecting certain types of vibrations, namely; those that fall within a certain spectrum of frequencies, your intellect is also limited to a certain vibrational bandwidth, and because of this it forms a closed circle of understanding, something from which it can be very difficult for you to break free. And so, God has given you another “sense” that can give you a direct perception of the higher vibrations of the spirit world, a sense that can detect vibrations far beyond what your intellect and your physical senses can handle. This, Beloved, IS THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE, and it is your personal open door between the lower vibrations of the material world and the higher vibrations of the spirit world.