What Does “Repent” Mean?

I’m sharing this article this morning because it seems that most people today do not know what “repent” means. The word in the New Testament that is usually translated “repent” is the Greek word “metanoeo”. Metanoeo means “to change your mind; reconsider; or, to think differently.”

Granted, if a person changes their mind (repents) toward certain unbecoming behaviors in their life, then they may become very sorrowful and may even stop committing those behaviors, but this would be a RESULT of repenting, not repentance itself.

When someone who is dead in sins and trespasses is told to repent, this is a call for them to change their mind about the way that they are living and is AN INVITATION to a new way of life.

When John the Baptist was shouting “REPENT! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!” he was announcing a CHANGE OF ORDER and bespeaking of the need for HEART CHANGES in preparation for the coming Messiah and revelation of the next phase of the Kingdom.

REPENT! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!” is even an announcement to ALL OF US, beloved, of our need to be willing to CHANGE OUR THINKING about many things, even let go of certain PROGRAMMED BELIEFS so that we can transition from the MIXTURE OF PENTECOST to the FULLNESS AND PURITY OF TABERNACLES.

With all of this in mind, you should be able to see that the teaching that many of us have been receiving for a long while now can be A PART OF THE PROCESS OF REPENTANCE, especially for those who have been “churched” for a long time and who need to RENEW THEIR MINDS so that they can move on into a place of deeper intimacy with Father.