WHAT does He want?

I was eating lunch the other day and was thinking of how the Bible has little to nothing to say about great teachers or great preachers or great writers or great evangelists. I was thinking of how men make such a big deal today about “ministry” work, and of how men like to make heroes out of “ministers” and then try to emulate these guys, but how scripture paints a whole different picture “of heroes” that we are to honor. The book of Hebrews chapter 11 comes to mind here, as it tells of those who the Bible describes as “heroes.”

Beloved, Hebrews chapter 11 tells us of men of great faith, “heroes” who were tortured (not accepting their release) so that they might obtain a better resurrection. It tells us of men who suffered great mockings and scourgings, chains and imprisonment, of those who were stoned and who were sawn in two. It tells us of men who were greatly tempted and tried and who were put to death by the sword, of men who went about in sheepskins and in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted and ill-treated, of those who wandered in deserts and mountains and who slept in caves and in holes in the ground because of their walk of faith and obedience to God. It is such as these, beloved, that the Bible calls “men of whom the world was not worthy,” Ya gotta admit, that’s a pretty profound statement.

No great revivals or powerful healing and deliverance ministry mentioned…

No earthshaking sermons given or insightful books published…

No mega-churches built “to God’s glory” or multitudes led to the Lord…

Nope. None of that stuff mentioned whatsoever.

This kinda makes ya wonder what He’s really after, doesn’t it?

Now, it’s not that great revivals, powerful acts of healing and deliverance, earthshaking sermons and multitudes of men led to the Lord are not mentioned in the scriptures, they are, it’s just that men are not recognized as being great for being involved with those things, the Holy Spirit is clearly revealed as the Hero. Today though, when the Holy Spirit moves powerfully through a vessel, there is usually a following of men after the man, and a “ministry” then built around this man, “to the glory of God,” of course.

I think that we need to get back to the old ways, don’t you?