Wellness Through Detoxification

I’ve been sharing a lot of things lately with my e-mail list which pertain to physical wellness. This is one of those things. 

Just FYI:the kidneys are essentially the gate through which cellular waste from the lymphatic system must pass, and most people’s kidneys are not filtering as they ought to, so toxins and acids are accumulating in the lymphatic system which creates all sorts of physical problems – from joint pain and swelling to auto-immune diseases and cancer.

When we look at nature, we see that even the animals detox when they are sick. They do this by fasting on water alone. Fasting on water alone is a great way to detox and heal, but most people today are just too undisciplined or perhaps even too toxic to do that, so, what I have found is that fasting on fruits and berries are the way to go for them. Sub-acid to acid fruits are great for detoxing because they are high in ASTRINGENTS and therefore they have a tremendous PULLING AFFECT on the mucosa and other tissues.

So, to clean your kidneys and open them up in a way which allows your body to efficiently clean itself, you must first CHANGE YOUR DIET to a detoxifying diet designed by God for our species. What I’m saying here is that people today suffer from a plethora of afflictions for which they run to doctors in search of help (and which usually makes things worse in certain respects) when they should be RUNNING TO GOD in prayer and with a RADICAL CHANGE IN DIET to a detoxifying diet.

Please understand, Beloved, that a detoxifying diet is also a HYDRATING PROCESS, and this is because detoxification deals from an acidic environment, an environment where wastes and byproducts from the cells have been excreted into the lymphatic system and have accumulated in the body because of the body’s dumbed-down/retarded process of elimination, it retarded through a lifetime of eating high protein foods (which cause acidity and inflammation in the tissues and organs), eating irradiated foods, eating pesticide and heavy-metal laden foods, eating GMO’s, drinking chemicals in the water, breathing poison air, thinking toxic thoughts, etc. Many of these things we can CHOOSE to get away from NOW, but some we can’t, not yet. What we can do though is TUNE UP OUR BODY’S ABILITY TO DEAL WITH THESE THINGS, and this, as I said, is with diet and with botanicals which are the roots and herbs that God has given us to heal the things that need healing.

I’m just sharing with you here some of the things that I’ve been shown by the Spirit for over a month now – to heal myself and help others. You can do whatever you want with all of this.