We Are One

A major purpose for this 3D world experience is for us to keep looking for a higher understanding, a higher state of consciousness, more of the Christ Mind. I want to touch on something here which can get in the way of this though, a trap which many spiritual people fall into.

There seems to be quite a few truth seekers out there today who are on a quest to find the ultimate church or the most enlightened teacher or guru, and when they think that they’ve found such a thing or person, they generally come into the mindset that they cannot learn much from other people. This is especially true of those who have been on the path for a long time and who have attained some kind of position in a church or spiritual organization. I mean that such people often fall into spiritual pride and they think that they cannot learn from those who are beneath their man-created hierarchy. The thing is though, the only true teacher is THE CHRIST and he/she can (and will) appear in all sorts of disguises.

The prophet Ezekiel cooking his food over dung comes to mind at the moment, in that God often tests his students by sending them teachers and divine spokespeople who appear in humble (and perhaps even defiled – like Ezekiel) forms, and this is so that the students can prove themselves as being willing to listen for the truth regardless of the disguise in which it is presented.

A major point in all of this is that one’s concept of a pastor or teacher or guru can block them from fully heeding the Spirit, and thus the graven images made from one’s impression and perspective of teachers or organizations must be shattered before such a one can truly step onto the path which leads to the fullness of the Christ Mind.

Along these lines, many spiritual teachers today use the ego’s expectations to bind people more firmly to themselves, meaning; they do not challenge or threaten the ego but instead confirm its expectations and with that the false sense of superiority that it gives. A true teacher though has the goal of setting the conscious-self FREE to grow and expand, so, a true teacher must of necessity shatter the ego’s expectations. In doing this though they also run the risk that if the conscious-self is not freed, the ego, by way of its reasoning, will probably think that the teacher must be false or incompetent because they do not live up to man’s ego-created expectations.

And so, we have this problem today with seekers of truth and freedom building up teachers or organizations to the extent that they become unquestionable graven images – idols. And being that no human being can possibly live up to the ego’s desire for perfection, any teacher or guru on Earth will eventually fail to live up to ego-based expectations, and this often causes people to become either angry at or disgruntled with the teacher or even discouraged about the spiritual path, which is exactly what the false teachers and certain malevolent spirits want.

Frankly, I think that people become angry or disappointed with teachers or with organizations when they simply refuse to take responsibility for their own spiritual walk. Though, when the illusions are shattered, if people don’t get sucked into feeling betrayed or cheated, then they can learn to take responsibility for their own walk and they can grow by leaps and bounds.

I’m not saying here that teachers are not wonderful, God-given gifts to the Body of spiritual seekers on Earth. They are. The fact is though, that only when people stop idolizing them and giving into the ego’s expectations of them can they develop a true relationship with them and move on WITH THEM into true transcendence of the self-life. Superiority amongst people can only exist when there is separation, for only then can there be a comparison made between two separated beings. Where there is ONENESS though, no comparison is possible and therefore inferiority and superiority are completely irrelevant. I’m finding myself teaching more and more about oneness lately, and even experiencing it with people who have put off the inferiority-superiority glasses of the ego so that they can see that we are one.