The Way To Never-Ending Growth In Awareness

Beloved, when you identify with the ego, you have the ego’s superficial certainty, and therefore it is easy to deny any confusion. If you’re at all confused about the things that I’ve shared recently, that is more than likely because your consciousness is no longer completely identified with the ego and you are moving forward, letting go of what you think you know in order to become more teachable.

What I’m attempting to get at here is that spiritual seekers have to go beyond the need for outer certainty and security by making conscious contact with their inner teacher; the Spirit of Truth. On your journey, I think that you’ll find that you will always attract to yourself both the true teacher (or voice) who can help you take the next step, and the false teacher (or voice) who will make you feel like you shouldn’t take the next step. If you look for certainty, you will always be attracted to the false teacher. If you are willing to remain confused for a while and don’t need any superficial certainty, then will you find the true teacher.. in your heart.

The true teacher offers you THE INNER PATH which is an ongoing process of expanding your consciousness. If you are open to the possibility of never-ending growth in awareness, it means that there is no belief or viewpoint that can be considered absolute or infallible. None. It also means that there is no outer certainty or security, but that you will develop an inner sense of certainty, security and peace, and that instead of seeking a human sense of certainty, you will simply become a seeker of God’s truth.

I mentioned “the red pill” the other day as being analogous for people who are willing to leave the blissful ignorance of outer certainty, security and illusion (the way of “the blue pill”) and instead find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. This, of course, is in reference to “The Matrix,” and to a choice that was presented to Neo (a type of the new creation man) by Morpheus (a type of heavenly messenger). Here’s a video clip (below). This should benefit some of you…