Way Above The Heat

As just a short note, I feel to say that my personal experience lately is to be in the fire, many fires all at once actually, but for some reason I don’t much feel the heat. I can’t help but think of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego here, who in the midst of the fiery furnace found fellowship with God, and this as opposed to those who, in the flesh (and by even their close proximity to the furnace [the guards]), were destroyed by the heat.

Beloved, I believe that this has to do with us getting free from the hurt of the second death. The second death relates to the Lake of Fire, which the personal application for us can be the things that God allows or brings into our lives for the purpose of getting us free from the first death (adamic death). It is in this way, beloved, that God brings death to DEATH.

I have shared before that I believe that there is a people in the earth today who are becoming an integral part of the Holy Consuming Fire of God. I have also shared that I believe that these are those who are now willingly subjecting themselves to God’s fire, and who, if they continually ABIDE in these burnings, can become so purified and perfected that they themselves can be used by God as part of THE BURNINGS OF THE AGE TO COME.

What I mean by this is that there is a place in God where one becomes so thoroughly consumed by God’s Fire and His Love that he or she actually becomes insensitive to the heat of the fire because he or she is BECOMING THE FIRE. This, beloved, is about becoming ONE with God, a burning bush in a sense, a human vessel who is no longer consumed BY the Fire of God but rather one who continually burns before Him, with Him, and in Him in the spirit realm. I believe that such as these, are they THROUGH WHOM the inhabitants of the earth will learn righteousness in the days to come because these will have been forged and perfectly finished (by God Himself) into righteous judges.

As I have shared recently, I believe that there are unprecedented fiery purgations that are soon going to come to the world in general for the purpose of bringing many people to God, but before this worldwide fiery flood comes, “the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning” will be sent in great measure to a remnant people so that they, in the time of the world’s great fiery flood, may present to the world CHRIST!

I believe that these, beloved, like Noah and his family, or even like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, will be KEPT by God in times of great tribulation because these people will have built a FAITH AND A TRUST IN GOD WHICH CAN RISE WAY ABOVE THE HEAT!

Anyway, I’m just sharing with you here some thoughts that I have been having throughout the night and this morning … whatever it’s worth.

Bless you.