Warring Kingdom

Beloved, we are entering a time now of great spiritual error, the time when even the elect of God could be deceived if that were possible. Even in the Church we are now witnessing the rise of the love of money and the love of self, the absence of faith refined by suffering because of an absence of the preaching of the Cross, spiritual nakedness because of the abundance of sin and rebellion among Christian believers, an overall blindness of Christians to the will and the purposes of Father, and an overall inability of Christians to hear His voice. We are also entering a time for the raising up of a MIGHTY ARMY.

With regard to this army, the Kingdom of the coming age shall be a WARRING KINGDOM, and of an administration with which God shall put all rebellion under the feet of His Church, this made up of believers who have been PERFECTED (made mature) in their obedience to the Father. The current Church emphasis on teachings like the “escape rapture” of immature believers to the highest of heavens on the basis of God’s grace alone is DIRECTLY OPPOSED to the truth and purposes of the Father. All rebellion against the Father shall surely be overcome in the coming age, but this will not happen by God’s mercy alone but by CHRIST’S OWN OBEDIENCE BEING FORGED IN THE HEARTS OF CONSECRATED SAINTS through holy and righteous judgments upon their characters and upon their spiritual influences.

The purpose of mercy, beloved, is to give sinful man access to the Father and this to enable the Father’s program of salvation and restoration for man. The Father does not intend for this mercy to serve as an alternative for removing adamic and satanic rebellion from the hearts of people though. He who is Holy and True IN RIGHTEOUSNESS MAKES WAR AND DOES JUDGE, beloved, THIS for the putting away of all adamic and satanic rebellion in heaven and in earth, this work even to be done THROUGH US, once all rebellion IN US is through.