Walking with the HEART of Sons

I’m going to hit the ground running with this one ….

Christians, all things came out of God. This includes ALL people. He created all things out of Himself, that is, out of His own substance, and it is all going back to Him because it was created for Him. It is His inheritance.

With this in mind, let us look at the coming age as not only the time in which many saints will receive of their inheritance, but as a time when God will receive much of His. This inheritance includes those beloved brethren out in the highways and the byways of the world, the “least of these,” who, from what I can see, are little thought of and even less ministered to by most “Kingdom” folk today, and this because they (many of the so-called “Sons”) have got the warped idea that that kind of thing (ministry) is beneath them, or is for someone else.

So (from what I can see), many of these “Sons” go on in their little cliques by passing around all of their “enlightening” e-mail and going from conference to conference to conference, while all the time they pass by “that certain man who fell among robbers who stripped him and inflicted wounds upon him, leaving him half dead.”

I gotta tell you people, I think that many of those who consider themselves to be “God’s elect” today are in for a very rude awakening. Many who consider themselves today to be “Sons of God” are going to someday be “weighed in the divine balance and found wanting,” and this because they may have had the revelation of “Sonship,” but they walked not with the heart of Sons.

Beloved, let me ask you something…

When the Son of Man comes into His glory in the earth, and all of the holy messengers are with Him, and in front of Him are gathered all the nations, just what is He, the King of Glory going to be looking for? Will He be looking for those who have had great revelations? Will He be looking for people who have produced great teachings and have written profound treatises? Will He be looking for those who have preached eloquent and even insightful sermons to the congregations? Tell me, just who is going to hear, “Come here blessed of My Father! Come and enjoy the allotment of the Kingdom that has been made ready for you!” ???

These are the ones who will hear that, beloveds … THESE! …

“Those of you who gave me something to eat when I hungered.”
“Those of you who gave me something to drink when I thirsted.”
“Those of you who clothed me when I was naked.”
“Those of you who took me in when I was without shelter.”
“Those of you who visited me when I was infirm or in jail.”

Yes, in that day the King of Glory shall declare to these, “Verily, I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of these, the least of My brethren, you did it to Me.”

But for those who were just a little too busy with all of their important “Kingdom” business, just a little too busy to actually get involved in the work of loving on “the least of these” (something that we are all called to do, by the way), well … the Lord will speak other words. I’m not going to quote those here. You can look them up.