Walking in the Responsibilty of Sons

At this time when many Christians are following their denominational king Sauls into spiritual reprobation, there is also something horribly wrong with many of the “kingdom” and “sonship” camps, too. Yes … though many people in these places have come into an understanding of some deep and wonderful kingdom truths, the sad fact is that very few of these folks are actually being proven in those things by actually walking out what they have learned.

What I am trying to get at here is that though we may have gotten a revelation of “the birthing of the manchild” and of the wonders of “sonship” and of many other things, our qualification for these things is found in the intensity of our hungering and thirsting after them AND by our being proven in them as we walk them out in abandonment to Christ.

Dear friends, from what I am seeing (and am now hearing by the Spirit), most overcomer aspirants today are looking to be instantly zapped into maturity and walking in great authority at some future manifestation of the sons of God, but it just won’t happen that way. It won’t. As a brother shared with me a while ago, people like to compartmentalize the inward things that they have learned and then exclude the outward demonstration of those things so that they won’t feel responsible for not walking them out. We’ve made doctrines around why the Church today is as sterile as it is just so that our lack of faith and trust in God appears legitimate. God help us to fully see our nakedness that true repentance may bring us into the spectrum of true sons (in the making) and of the life of peace and power and authority that we should be walking in NOW. According to Scripture, we have been given the same earnest of our inheritance as the early Church had, but it’s obvious that the Church today does not walk in what should be the fullness of that earnest.

Beloved, should not the fullness of the earnest of our inheritance be expressed in us now (at the end of this age) even as it was in the early Church that was still in infancy? What is going on? Is it perhaps that we, though having an understanding of some great and profound truths that the early Church did not even understand, are somewhat of a form of what they were but are without the same power? My friends, the power of the Spirit comes through the obedience that is learned though the things that we suffer. But if our suffering leads not to a walk of obedience (submission to the Spirit) and to a demonstration of a life poured out for others, then it is for naught.

Dear ones, I believe that the demonstration of the Spirit and power that belonged to the early Church is a “precondition” to sonship for us and yet it is still something that is glaringly absent from many of our walks today. It seems to me as though some of “the first works” of the Church have been lost to many of us in this day because we have become spiritually soft and much more like the world than most of us care to realize. Sure, God has opened up to quite a few of us many deep and wonderful things about His Kingdom, but if these things are not TESTED and TRIED out in us experientially they will not produce the MATURING in us that is required for us to ASCEND unto the right hand (the authority) of the Father.

There is a progressive work of maturing a remnant that is taking place RIGHT NOW, beloved, and this maturing is NOT all done in the classroom, or on the Internet or even in our meetings and worship services. No, much of it MUST be done in THE FIELD (which is the world) as the Father challenges us there to submit to Him in ALL things.

With regard to this maturing and proving of Sons, a brother pointed out to me a while back that the life of King David is a time-line chronology of the manchild/manifested son of Revelation 12. This brother shared with me that from the time that Samuel anointed David as a young boy David then began being PROVED by God, in that David then began to demonstrate the authority that was his (by the anointing) even though he was still tending sheep. When David met the Lion and killed it, that was part of the PROVING (and demonstrated authority) of the Lord in his life. When David met the Bear, and killed it, that also was the PROVING (and demonstrated authority) of the Lord at work in his life. Note, beloved, that this all took place BEFORE David was revealed to the nations of his day as king of Israel (a type of Sonship).

Beloved ones, this “proving” process of demonstrating authoring is what LEADS us into full-blown Sonship (I really believe now that this process IS the manchild being CAUGHT UP to the throne of God – a place of great authority). This is saying that (potential) Sons of God are not only to be taught about the glory of Sonship but they also MUST BE PROVEN in their submission to the Father and in the demonstrated authority of Sons.

As with all things, ask the Lord if these things be so.