Walk in What is REVEALED

Beloved, the Bible is not supposed to be a rule-book for us to try to live by, but rather it is to be used as a supernatural means of (very personal) communication between us and our Father (Who is Spirit). I say this because I see so many Christians today caught up in all sorts of bondage by trying to use the Bible as a rule-book, it having become some sort of religious law to them and in this way it also become just another form of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Our Father desires for us to BE FREE, beloved, which requires that we live by the Law of the Spirit of Life, which is living by THE VERY WORDS THAT PROCEED FROM GOD’S MOUTH to our spiritual ear. Blessed is he who has an ear to hear THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT in this day, for this man can walk in what is REVEALED to him, rather than him just acting by what HE THINKS is good.