Vision for the Spirit World

The Father continues to give vision for the heavens, and for hell, and for the divine purpose which underlines our human experience…

Beloved, earth is a sacred workshop, to be used for our maturing and perfecting, our physical existence truly being a blessing for us to adapt to God’s mechanism of infallible justice and hopefully gain entrance into a high realm of spirit in the day of our crossing over. As you all well know, the majority of people on earth do not take seriously this God-given opportunity for the purification of their hearts, and so, in the spirit world, there are many and varying realms which are made up of spirits of differing orders or degrees of purification.

Though the realms of spirits are many, beloved, when considering the general characteristics of spirits themselves, we may be able to reduce the realms into three general principal orders or degrees; the first or highest of these being for those spirits who have reached the degree of relative perfection and who have gained entrance into New Jerusalem, the second being for those who have reached the middle of the ascensional ladder (or “Paradise”) – for those who have achieved the degree of spiritual purification in which aspiration after perfection and union with the Father has become their ruling desire though some of the self-life still clings to them, and the third or lowest order or degree which is made up of all of the imperfect spirits who are still on the lowest rungs of the ascension ladder, these characterized by their ignorance of God and His ways, their love of evil, and all of the low passions that retard a spirit’s upward progress in God. These particular spirits are drawn to the low or “hellish” regions of the spirit world until they get free from the things that would corrupt the Paradisaical realm if they were allowed to enter it, beloved. In other words, hell has a wise and benevolent purpose.

Please keep in mind with all of this that within what I have broken down into three basic categories are many other divisions or categories which are not distinctly marked from one another, but rather which merge into one another by almost imperceptible gradations, the peculiarities of each category gradually shading off into one another at their extremities. Think of a color swatch here as an analogy for this, or perhaps even a rainbow (with regard to the heavenly realms).

I may share more on this later.

Bless you