Unveiling Mystery Babylon

It seems that the more that we seek after the Lord and are taught by Him, the more that we can also see just how far we have been led away from the truth, and from truly understanding God’s ways and purposes for His creation, and this by religion, and by man’s carnal concepts.

The things that God is unveiling in this day by His Spirit are surely great and awesome things, the greatness of which is often kept from many Christians because of the carnal preconceptions that have been formed in them through indoctrination to religious and traditional teachings. Because of this, I believe that the Spirit is now calling God’s elect to COME OUT from the systems of man and come away from his tables, so that they can then feed upon the truth at the Lord’s table, and at the same time be purged in His presence of all of the Babylonian impurities that have invaded their hearts through the traditions of men and even their own carnal imaginations.

Jesus said in John 7:17, “If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God…”

Today there are many, many doctrines which are being taught in the church as “truth,” and which have even been taught and embraced as such for many centuries but which are now being revealed by the Spirit as NOT of God. In like manner, the Spirit is also now revealing (to those who desire to know and do only the Father’s will) that even church doctrines that contain an ample portion of the truth are still yet mingled with that which is not true. Beloved, this is because “Mystery Babylon” has been responsible for weaving a thread of error into almost everything that we have ever believed as Christians, and it is for this reason I write concerning “her” today.

As some of us already know, there are many aspects to Babylon, not just of religious confusion and wickedness, but economic and political aspects also. For a long time many Christians have heard and hearkened to the call to come out of economic and political Babylon, but at the same time they have not been able to discern the workings of religious Babylon in the very midst of their own congregations. For this reason many of these have not hearkened to the call to come out from the religious Babylonian confusion (a place that might have even seemed at one time “safe” and doctrinally “right on”) to come deeper into the light of the knowledge of Christ.

Beloved, please be aware that the thread of Babylonian error is not only found in what many Christians might consider to be the false religious orders and institutions of the world, but it is also woven into the very fabric of all of the denominations and even the “non-denominational” denominations of Christianity! Modern day evangelical and fundamental Christianity, and even many “Kingdom” circles are not free from the devious workings of Mystery Babylon, but rather those things are a disguised and hidden and are an integral part of it! This may come as a surprise to many Christians, but this is one of the reasons why “she” is called a “mystery!” Most people are not able to see her workings within the midst of their very own congregations and teachings because her unveiling comes only by initiation into the mystery through a unique and intimate relationship WITH GOD, and that by obeying His voice to come out of her by coming to only Him!

It seems today that most “born again” Christians are just as confused (as to God’s plan and purposes for the ages) as a “normal” person of the world is confused about the everyday things of life, and this is because Babylon has woven a thread of confusion (even through their own minds) through their traditional carnal concepts and religious dogma. Beloved, even most Bible translations have a Babylonian thread of error woven into them, and because of this, false doctrines (like that of eternal torment) have perverted the true gospel of Jesus Christ! This is not saying that the Scriptures themselves are erroneous, NO, but that most translations of them are. And God has allowed this for a period of time and for a very good purpose; that men in the end of the age might be led by the Spirit and not by other men, and not by certain Bible translations.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, if the Holy Spirit is ministering to you in this day to come out from the religious institutions and hierarchical orders of men, then you need to respond to what the Lord is saying to you, but please understand that coming out from a religious order is not the end of the story, but only the beginning. History shows us that even great reformers like Calvin, Luther and Darby (men who responded when they heard the call to “Come out of her” in their day) eventually formed more religious institutions that the elect of God needed again to be called out of!

Why does this happen? Why does it seem as though every genuine move of God (to bring men out of Babylon and into a higher understanding of the truth) results in men turning that truth into another divisive and sectarian institution or denomination that expresses Babylon more than it does Christ?  Why does this seem to happen over and over and over again?

I believe that this happens because Babylon is not only an order or an institution formed by men, BUT IS A SPIRIT; a religious spirit that operates in the minds and the thinking of God’s people. For this reason, if you are hearing the Holy Spirit’s call to “Come out of her My people,” then you certainly need to respond to that call and “come out of her ” to come deeper to Him. There is something else of equal importance that you also need to do…

What is that?

You also need to call upon the Lord … and ask Him … to get her out of YOU!!

May the Lord bless you all with hearing ears today.