If this article angers you, it is important for you to take that up with the Lord in Spirit, not me, for there are apparently some things that really need to be worked out between you and Him. — D

I was driving in the car yesterday, in my usual meditative state, and I was seeking answers to some things that have been a little troubling to me in heart. I’ve been struggling to gain some more insight into Jesus’ and Spirit’s relationship to ALL human beings.

I’ve been having a hard time lately understanding how I can meet with a Sikh (a follower if Sikhism) or with a Hindu and feel a TREMENDOUS BOND with them IN CHRIST and feel the POWER and PRESENCE of God upon the meeting, and then, I can meet with those who PROCLAIM JESUS to be their Lord and Savior and the meeting in COMPLETELY DEAD – there is NOT ANY fellowship IN SPIRIT to be found. I’ve also been struggling to wrap my head around the fact that THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH has been showing me for the last 15 years or so that the MAJORITY of the Christian teachings that have been spoon-fed to me for almost my entire life.. ARE FALSE.

And so, in the car, I even outwardly pronounced, “Lord, WHAT IS UP?” I was then given a sign. It said “Universal.” My inner response to this was “huh?”… and I didn’t give it any more thought, until now. On awaking this morning, it has been made quite apparent that THIS is what the Lord, by the Spirit, now wants to talk to me about. This is what I’m hearing…

Mainstream Christianity presents itself as the only true religion and as the only true representative of Christ. It claims that only its members will be “saved” whereas all other people will burn in hell. But fundamentalist Christianity today denies Jesus’ true teachings, namely, that the Christ can be (and is being) born in each and every heart. In reality, Jesus has ASCENDED ON HIGH in order to SERVE TO HELP ALL PEOPLE overcome the lower state of consciousness which is TRULY hell on Earth, and He is willing to work with ALL people, REGARDLESS of their religious affiliation.

“Christ” is a UNIVERSAL word that symbolizes A STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS in which men see themselves as ONE WITH THEIR SOURCE. Membership of an earthly religion cannot guarantee anyone’s salvation because salvation is exclusively determined by men’s state of consciousness. Few people (and almost none of those caught up in the heart religion) understand this yet.

All TRUE spiritual teachers, that have come to this planet throughout the ages, have had the same basic message and the same basic goal, and this is to AWAKEN PEOPLE to the reality that there is an ENTIRELY HIGHER LEVEL OF LIFE which they have not been aware of. Our Father desires for ALL MEN TO BE FREE. Our Father desires for ALL MEN TO BE what Jesus demonstrated that earthly men CAN BE, and He wants them to understand that THE POTENTIAL IS EVEN GREATER THAN THAT, for God himself (or Source) is MORE, and can be experienced through self-transcendence and ascension in consciousness.

Beloved, God is THE LIVING GOD, and the Living Christ is the only begotten SON OF THE LIVING GOD, and the Living Christ can NEVER, EVER be put into a man-made doctrine of philosophy or Church or organization or system of any kind. For there is no man-made system that can hold the Living Christ, for He will break whatever chains people put upon Him. There are no chains that can hold the Living Christ, and thus there should be no chains that can hold YOU either. There surely can be no prison that can hold you for an entire lifetime, if you are willing to exercise THE POTENTIAL that you have been given by God, the potential to become THE LIVING CHRIST ON EARTH, and this by coming into THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF CHRIST in the spirit.