Extra Sensory Abilities Under Siege

Beloved, disciples in the early church were not handicapped in the way that most all of us are today, in that their pineal glands were not heavily calcified because of fluoride, chlorine and bromide in their water. Those disciples were not subject to mercury, PCB’s, pesticides and other toxins in their food as we are, nor did they consume sugar and caffeine and processed foods as most people do today.

Really, is it any wonder why “spiritual” people today are so out of touch with the spirit world all around them when their spiritual antennas have been essentially wrecked? From what I gather, most people’s pineal glands today are so calcified that under scans they appear as just a lump of calcium. This is what a blinded “third eye” looks like, beloved.

The good news is that this blindness, like all others, is just another opportunity for God to be glorified. In other words, though we’ve been blind, WE SHALL SEE, we just need to follow the protocol of the Spirit.

I’ve shared with my e-mail list recently about the pervasive influence that fluoride has on our pineal glands. There is another great antagonist in this arena too – electromagnetic radiation, especially the 60HZ field (yeah, exactly the type of current flowing through our electrical grid). Do you think that this is by coincidence or by intelligent design? I’m not going to tell you yet what I think.

Scientific studies with hamsters have shown that exposure to a 60Hz electromagnetic field significantly reduces the pineal gland’s function-ability. Studies with human subjects who were exposed to 60Hz magnetic fields also showed this same anomaly. This is quite distressing to learn, is it not, since we are all literally surrounded by 60Hz electrical fields in our homes, at work and outside where power lines tower over almost every street?

Our pineal glands have obviously been UNDER SEIGE, beloved. I’m not going to say here why I think this is, but hopefully, I will be able to share some things in the coming days that will help us all to OVERCOME this onslaught on our psychic and extra-sensory abilities.