Unction and Anointing

I can’t stress enough the need for consecration in this day. Time is short. With regard to this, some of us need to now ask the Father for a special ANOINTING for deliverance work. Anointing is the Father’s marking of consecration to an office. It is a symbol of spiritual qualifications divinely imparted for due discharge. In other words, the gifts for deliverance work are vouchsafed to God’s people for work that is holy, sacred, and for the Lord’s sake (because of His love).The gifts and anointing come from Him, and are given for HIS will and purposes ONLY.

UNCTION is another thing that some of us need to ask for, beloved. Unction is different from anointing in that unction represents the grace of God poured out for a work and anointing is the empowering by that grace. Unction sets people apart in holiness, consecrating them for an office. It is the grace given to man to MAKE THE CONNECTION with the Father so that He can then show man exactly what to do in a situation. This unction produces a heat of mind in us. This is about our ardor and devotion to holy work. Hebrews 1:7 bespeaks of unction in this way…

In speaking of angels he says, “Who makes his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire.

To boil all of this down for you, beloved, unction is the DIVINE SPARK that sets us on fire for the work of God, and anointing is what keeps that fire burning. Pray for these things.