Two X 144,000

A brother asked me recently about the “144,000,” and I shared with him that I believe that that directly relates to the “Tabernacle of David” people, more specifically, to all those who attain to the First Resurrection.

I say “to all those who attain to the first Resurrection” because we have two very different descriptions of the 144,000 in the book of Revelation, one is in chapter 7, and the other is in chapter 14. One of these describes the overcomers in Christ in military terms. The other describes them as musicians playing harps and singing “a new song.”

Now, are these the same group of overcomers in Christ described in these two chapters, or might these chapters be describing two very different groups of saints? Might those chapters be describing an earthy remnant (something that I have described as “The Tabernacle of David”) and also another group that is made up of saints approved (for the First Resurrection) by their faith, but who have not yet received the full promise (of the resurrection) because “they apart from us will not be made PERFECT” (made whole, glorified in BODY, soul, and spirit – Hebrews 11:40)? I think so.

Beloved, because revelation of New Testament scripture can almost always be found in Old Testament type and shadow, we should be able to find what I have shared here, there.

It is there. I’ll show you…

In the Old Testament (1 Chronicles 27) we find that king David had an army that totaled 288,000 men (2×144,000). David also had a choir that was made up of 288 people. A military of 288,000, and a choir of 288 (2×144,000 and 2×144). Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

These numbers (as they apply to the overcomers) are probably symbolic. They more than likely speak of groups of people that will be totally governed by divine order and upon whom there will be very great glory. In regard to David’s army and choir though, those hard numbers are probably the type and shadow for the TWO groups of overcomers that will reign with Christ for 1000 years. This is the Lord’s Army/Choir, one heavenly, and the other earthy. These will probably work together during the Kingdom age for the very same purpose but from different vantage points (or dimensions).

Let’s take a quick look at a passage from Revelation chapter 20 then I’ll end this letter. See if you think this fits in with what I have been sharing here …

“This is the First Resurrection. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power (for they have come to the salvation of their SOULS – fully sanctified in soul and spirit having attained to the First Resurrection), but these shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him FOR A THOUSAND YEARS.” (Rev. 20:5b, 6)

“Reign with Him for a thousand years.” It doesn’t say “reign on earth” or “reign in heaven” (the spirit realm), just “reign.” Might this be because these are reigning in the Kingdom from both of those vantage points and are quite possibly even two separate groups? Might these be those who have come into the First Resurrection but who have not yet been made perfect (bodily), and this, because THAT is reserved for the END of the Kingdom age WHEN THE WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST WILL BE MADE PERFECT TOGETHER (the assembling of Solomon’s Temple)? I think so. I think that that is when “Solomon’s Temple” will finally be assembled. Until then, there will be “David’s Tabernacle” ministering in the earth. As far as I see it, the scriptures reveal that “David’s Tabernacle” is God’s plan to bring the “residue of men” to His feet in the Kingdom age, not “Solomon’s Temple.” This bespeaks of mortal human beings empowered by the Spirit without measure, not immortals.

Anyway, as with all things, ask the Lord if this stuff be so. That’s what I’ve been doing lately (almost continually) and He seems to keep giving me more and more and more of the same thing. It seems to me that He wants some of us to have vision for this now.

Bless you. — D