Truth Is Unfolded (As We’re Ready For It)

Just FYI: King David’s Table ( is a medium for largely meeting with Christians who are transitioning from organized religion to something much more, and the new website Dimensions of Truth ( is essentially designed and intended to be more welcoming to non-Christians and to New Agers who are ready to transition to a deeper understanding of the things of God and who are becoming ready for a profound relationship with/in Christ (i.e.; Christ consciousness). Anyone (with a teachable heart) can benefit from either site though. 

I’m telling you this because I had a Christian lady basically freak out on me after visiting the new website yesterday – her demanding to be taken off of my e-mail list ASAP. Geez. What can I say, but that there are SO many Christians today who are still wound-up tight and bound together with fear and who can be so darned condemning and that I (longingly, at this moment) look forward to the day of their deliverance. Anyhow, that said, I share the following with you, something that has been shared before but which I feel led to share once again. Surely, it ties in with all the above too, somehow. – D

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Beloved, the Spirit of Truth teaches by way of progressive revelation because humans need to be met at their PRESENT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS, and this is because truth in its purest form is simply too much for the human imagination to cope with in its present state. And so, truth is unfolded for us, little by little, progressively, as we can handle it.

Along these lines, in looking at the Bible we should be able to see that the Law of Moses was given to a group of people who were trapped in a rather low state of consciousness, and this is why they were given numerous commandments, saying: “do this” and  “don’t do that.” Basically, it was given to spiritual children who needed a very simple set of rules. It was aimed at changing their outer actions, but it was also used to prepare the stage for a larger unfolding of truth that humans were not yet ready for at that time.

Jesus then came on the scene with teachings that could radically transform the consciousness of men, teachings that represented a rather large progression when compared to what was given with the Law of Moses. The reason for this progression is that between the time of Moses and Jesus’ appearance in Israel, humankind had significantly progressed in that they (by whatever means) were ready to receive a higher understanding and a higher teaching and even a more profound revelation of “the law.”

Even Jesus’ teachings were not complete though, in that they were limited and did not represent the ultimate or highest teachings that God would ever bring forth on this planet. They did represent the highest teachings that could be brought forth AT THE TIME given humankind’s state of consciousness though. Of course, the limitation was not due to a limitation on the part of God or on the part of his mouthpiece, Jesus. That limitation was simply due to the fact that humankind was not yet ready to receive a higher teaching. One might say that those teachings then represented a measured response to a crisis, in that they were not not the highest possible response, but the highest PRACTICAL response.

And so, today, humankind (much of it) seems to have progressed to an even higher state of consciousness, and therefore God can now bring forth revelation that people were not ready for 2,000 years ago. Yet, despite the fact that humankind has progressed, the people of today are still in a very limited state of consciousness when compared to the unlimited consciousness of God, the gap between these seemingly way too vast to even try to describe, and yet, God (Elohim) created spirit beings in his (their) own image and likeness, so, a spirit (even one having a human physical experience) has the capacity of consciousness to experience the fullness of God. Revelation 10 seems to confirm this, as it bespeaks of a time when “the mysteries of God will be revealed” to men. Take a look…

In Revelation 10, just as John was about to write the words of “the seven thunders,” a voice from heaven commanded him to SEAL UP what was revealed to him then – John was commanded to keep secret what the voices revealed. It was then said to John that “in the days of the seventh angel” the mysteries of God would be revealed, that THEN (in those days) insight and understanding would be exponentially increased to men for IN THAT TIME (not in John’s time) men would be ready for it.

Might it be that we’ve come into those days?

Well, we might be transitioning into them, I suppose, while certainly experiencing all the bumps and bruises that come along with such a transition.