True Riches

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

Beloved, have you ever meditated on this verse; prayed in earnest that you might grasp what Jesus was (and is) trying to get at in this? It seems that this verse is an important one for us to get a hold of, for in it, I believe, is found the key which unlocks the Beatitudes for us (and in us).

After having meditated on this verse for quite a while, I am now convinced that the truth in this verse cannot be found intellectually by anyone, but that it must be worked into one’s soul experientially through the crucifixion of their self-life.

Beloved, for many of us in this day, it is not so much our sins that must be dealt with by God as much as it is our natural abilities and strengths, our ambitions and our desires, our independence and our self-sufficiency, our indisputable doctrines and our self-wisdom. For many of us, these are the things that must die upon that mystical cross if we are to move on into a life of total abandonment to God.

Yes, it seems to me that to be “poor in spirit” is to recognize the utter destitution of self-rule. It also seems to me that this is how true riches are acquired by us (something that Jesus referred to as “inheriting the kingdom of heaven”) and this because it is by recognizing one’s own spiritual poverty that one can become rich in God. In other words, it is those who learn to not trust in their abilities, or their feelings, or their desires, or their personal plans, or their self-will in any way that can learn to be led BY GOD Himself in every way.

Now that is true riches …

Bless ya.