Touch of Revival in NY

The Lord has held me back from sharing much about our trips to NYC, but I feel a release now to share with you just a few things from a recent trip there. There was a whole lot that happened there, more than I can share right now … but here’s just a snippet …

Late Monday afternoon, a brother and I felt the leading of the Spirit to depart from Astoria, Queens to go to the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Not long after getting off the subway there, we came across two people who were sitting in a doorway, a woman and a man who looked to be homeless.

I felt led to give the man a shirt, to which he was very grateful. He then said to me, “Can you buy me a sandwich?” I paused for a moment to ask the Lord if that was His will, and I then heard in the spirit, “Take these, My brethren, to a restaurant and let them order whatever they want.” So I motioned a “Let’s go!” to to these beloved ones, and Rick and I then helped them gather their belongings for a short walk to a nearby restaurant (one that was clearly being put on my heart by the Holy Spirit).

Now, these two folks were both believers, and I must say that they both had a very kind and gentle spirit, the likes of which is rarely found in most churches today. The man; Ross, was not homeless, but was a former heroin addict now living with full-blown AIDS. The woman, Samantha, was homeless, and though she was 38 years old, I couldn’t help but see her as a little child who was lost and in need of someone to just love her.

Anyway, when we all got to the restaurant, Ross felt led to pray, and I could tell by the prayer (and by the anointing on the prayer) that he was rather intimate with the Father. The same for Samantha. The four of us then sat at the table for a long time before ordering any food. We shared experiences with one another there, prayed, and ministered to one another by the Spirit, and as we did this it was as though a glory cloud kept forming all around us, something that was touching the people all around us in the restaurant. The waitress was touched. The woman next to our table was touched. The lady behind us was so touched that she openly proclaimed, “Wow! You’re really God’s people, aren’t you?”

Now, I’ve got to cut this short here, but Rick and I were incredibly blessed to just meet with these, “our brethren,” but we also felt that we needed to help them in whatever way that we could. Samantha had just shared with me how frightened she sometimes gets in the middle of the night out on the street, and my heart was breaking for her. I felt led to try to help her get off the street, at least for the night.

So we all went to the rooming house where Ross was staying, hoping to maybe be able to find a room for Samantha there, but the manager of the place could make no offering of a room for Samantha because she had no identification.

Samantha then, with tears welled up in her eyes, said to me, “I’ll be okay, David … I’ll be okay, really.” But I had no peace about leaving her just yet. A burden to pray for her then came upon Rick and I and we asked the Lord to “part the Red Sea” for us in this.

Literally moments after praying that, a woman came along who said that she would make room for Samantha to stay at her place. Rick and I were elated, and we both gave Samantha a hug, blessed her, and then moved on. We knew that our work was done there.

The Lord then led us immediately to a man a few blocks from where we had just left Samantha and Ross. This man was sitting on a sidewalk just outside of a shelter. He was known on the streets as “Spider,” and was also a brother in the Lord. We talked with Spider for a few minutes, and as we did, another man, who was not far from us, began shouting angry things at us. This other man was very drunk and seemed to be looking for a fight. Spider yelled out to this man, “Chill out, man! These guys are OUTREACH! Good people!” But the man continued on with his angry tirade. We paid no attention to him, but rather remained focused on what the Father was calling us to do with Spider.

A very strong unction then came upon me to pray and prophesy over Spider. God was giving Spider some vision for his calling and commission, and Spider was responding to this with great joy in his heart and he gave praises unto the God of Love and Mercy. As I prayed and prophesied over Spider, the Holy Spirit swept over the man who was angry and belligerent. This man too then began to weep. When I finished praying for Spider, this other man then cried out to us, “Please don’t leave! Could you pray for me? Please, I need help! I need God! I need prayer!”

We then went over to this beloved soul and hugged him as he wept in the presence of the Lord. He was being touched quite profoundly by God. I had just begun praying for this fellow, when I then heard a woman speak softly into my ear, “Will you pray for me too? I need help too. I need to go to detox. Can you help me with that?” I stopped praying for a moment and told this woman that we could help her too.Then, within moments, another woman seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere to join us. She too was being touched by the anointing of God. This particular woman had tears in her eyes and said that she was in her apartment above where we all were on the street, and she felt a compulsion to “get involved with whatever it is that is going on on the sidewalk.”

Now, I’ve got to cut this short, but let’s just say that because of the ministry of God’s love out on the street that day, all sorts of people were touched by God. We’re seeing this same thing happen now wherever we go. Is this religious works? Is it? Or is this the work of the Father as He draws all men unto Himself in Christ? I’ll let you be the judge of that. I personally, am seeing something very wonderful happen out in the streets. I’m seeing that as we “go” and pour ourselves out for others as led by the Holy Spirit, something is opening up in the spirit realm that is then sucking people right into God Himself. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Now, I don’t much like sharing testimonies. I really don’t. This is because the words never seem to come close to the actual experience. I did feel led to share this little bit with you all, though. Please pray for the folks who I have written about here, will you?

Bless you all.