Toronto Testimony

Beloved, as Jackie Pullinger has said, the Spirit of the Lord is not upon us so that we have grand “Christian” meetings and find new and fresh styles of worship. NO! The Spirit of the Lord is upon us so that we might preach “good news to the poor” and that BECAUSE THE POOR ARE DYING IN OUR STREETS!… spiritually and physically they are dying there!! They are dying physically there because of lack of bread, and they are dying spiritually there for lack of knowledge of their Savior!

Along these lines …

The other day, the Holy Spirit spoke to a brother and I that we needed to depart for Toronto “immediately,” so we both dropped what we were doing and did just as we were commanded to do. Now there were a number of people to whom we were sent to minister to in this city at this time, but in particular we were sent to a poor homeless woman who we had met before but who now had become very ill and had no one to help her.

Now, to love on and minister to this woman as we were called to do by the Lord we needed die to a whole lot of self, not only because we have little material substance but needed to provide financially for this lady, but also because this woman had lost control of her bladder and her bowels and was literally covered in her own urine and feces (to take “no thought for your life” has numerous applications when it comes to loving on the poor, the lost, the sick, and the downtrodden, beloved).

It seemed as though sleeping on the cold wet sidewalks was also causing some lung complications for this lady, and we knew that if she did not soon get off the streets she would probably die.

I’m not going to go into the details here of what and how God worked in this particular situation, but you should know that this dear lady is NOW OFF THE STREETS and she now has some fresh clean clothes to wear (donated by a shop-owner, onlooker) and God has also given her a promise of deliverance from her physical afflictions!

Dear ones, we (as Christians) have been given infinite freedom in God by which NOTHING is impossible for us. But there is a possibility of death in this freedom, in that, the life of God and the demonstration of His Kingdom can be killed off in us if we live for self and do not live as the SACRIFICES that we are called to be!

There is surely a revival going on these days, of this I have no doubt. But this revival in not in the churches where people are running after signs and wonders, nor is it in the “Christian” meetings where people are looking for the latest and greatest preaching and teaching. No, this revival that I speak of here is happening out in the highways and the byways of our cities where the poor and the sick and the downtrodden are being touched by God and are being restored. Out in the streets we’ve been seeing an awesome demonstration of God’s Kingdom come to Earth, and we are seeing this happen quite simply through disciples who willingly lay down their lives that others might be blessed. Jesus lived His life ENTIRELY for other people, beloved, and so it is to be for His disciples also.