To The End Of Limits

Granted, no one can (rightly) live “as a sacrifice” unto God because they want to, but rather, this is a matter of sacrificially subjecting oneself to the Spirit and the fiery workings of God until “sacrifice” (and Sonship) becomes a reality.

Think about an athlete here for a moment, beloved, about the discipline and the training and the constant pushing of limits – “the raising of the bar.” Think here of what is “sacrificed” in the life of an athlete for the sake of an earthly prize – a trophy or a medal or perhaps even a large sum of money. Now think of the prize that is SET BEFORE US – the high calling of God in Christ Jesus and the glory of the resurrection out from everything adamic. Now think about what WE should be willing to give up to attain such a glorious prize. Jesus said that we should be willing to give up EVERYTHING.

Of course, we can’t just do that either (give up everything). This is why our WILLINGNESS is so essential, not our ability. This is why we are encouraged to “hold fast ” but to still “press for the mark” – which means to maintain our position but also not desire to remain at the same level of commitment or experience until we have REACHED the mark of a manifested son of God.

If this is truly our heart, to reach the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (at any cost), then God will allow us to be tested and tried CONTINUALLY (and in increasing measure) TO SHOW US WHERE OUR LIMITS ARE so that we can keep RAISING THEM. This is the process of making/birthing a son of God.

This is saying that what Jesus Christ went through in Gethsemane and what He accomplished on Golgotha MUST be worked into our lives too, beloved. This is the way of sons – even the way of the rulers of the coming age. The blood that Jesus sweat-out in the Garden of Gethsemane represents the adamic man being pushed to his limits. The blood coming forth from His side on Calvary represents THE END to these limits. Think about that.

Personally, there are times when I feel that I’ve got all that I can do to just hold on. At these times I know that it would be much easier to “take a break,” and I want to, but the Spirit tells me that I must “press on toward the mark.” When I feel that I have no strength left to complete the course, the Father is faithful to bring me a word which imparts just what I need to carry on. At times when I become discouraged with even the length of the way that I am traveling, the Lord again strengthens me with the grace that I need to carry on.

Jesus didn’t quit when the going got tough, but He did ask the Father if there might be another way. There wasn’t another way for Him, and there isn’t another one for us either, not for sons destined for the glory of the resurrection and the glory of the age to come there isn’t.

May grace be imparted to you all for you to FULLY surrender to the way of sons, and for you to carry on in this way unto THE END of all your limits.

In His love,