Tickled Ears

I shared this with some friends yesterday, and now feel that I should pass it on. — D

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Hi, X…. This was quickened to me this morning, and I can’t help but think of our recent conversation…

God has a prophetic ministry in the land which us crying out for the Church to prepare for the next stage of the Kingdom, but the leaders of the religious systems and institutions (and even small groups) of men have caused many of their followers to fear this prophetic ministry. Unfortunately, many of God’s children today remain in bondage to certain ways of religion and to all sorts of erroneous teaching, and this (for the most part) because of the so called “leadership” that is (unknowingly) in agreement with a religious spirit which opposes the prophetic word of the Lord today.

With regard to this, I see even in the “Kingdom” camps today a real hardness of heart to (genuine) prophetic admonishment, and instead there be installed “Yes”-men all around the teachers which time and again and again bring forth words that simply tickle the ears of the hearers. Sad to have to say it, but the true standard for Sonship which is the way of suffering unto death to self, burial of self, resurrection of the soul, and of ascension of the spirit, soul, and spirit-body is lost to most all of the people in these circles today, this in many ways because it has been stolen away by the false predictions and the misguided vision of the “leaders,” and stolen away by the people’s own hearts which are still embracing certain selfish idols instead of THE CROSS.