Through the Son into the Kingdom

In the beginning (before the Creation was created), Source Energy/God (for lack of a better description) divided into the Personages of Father (“El” in Hebrew – Original Thought/Consciousness) and Mother (“Eloah” in Hebrew – Original Feeling), and these were brought together vibrationally (call it “conjugal union,” if you like) for the purpose of CREATING – even bringing for “THE SON” – “the only begotten of the Father.” This Son is NOT Jesus, Beloved. This Son is THE CHRIST, the Christ Who manifested bodily in Jesus BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF YEARS LATER.

I’m sharing this with you now so that you might understand that you cannot enter the Father’s kingdom (into Oneness with the Father and Oneness with all Beings) without going THROUGH THE SON – CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS – and this is precisely why it is such a travesty that in Christianity today Jesus has been elevated to AN EXCEPTION rather than AN EXAMPLE for us all TO FOLLOW unto the fullness of Christ.

People CANNOT enter the kingdom of God by following an external Christ, and I know for a fact that MYRIADS of them realize this when they enter the Astral Plane at physical death. The kingdom of God (the highest dimensions of the spirit world) can only BE ENTERED by a person becoming ONE with the INTERNAL CHRIST, by them becoming the Living Christ. This in no way diminishes Jesus’ work nor diminishes in any way His office in the spirit world, but rather, in reality it TRULY HONORS HIM by us “letting THE MIND which was, and is in Jesus also in be IN US!” (Galatians 2:5).

Beloved, the things that I have been sharing with you are not meant to make you feel comfortable, but are intended to bring you TO FACE THE CHOICE of either accepting Christ or denying Christ. I say this because I am not insensitive to the fact that many people today are DENYING CHRIST by worshipping one (or more) of the many graven images of Christ which are intended (and which are perpetuated) to actually ROB THEM of their Christ-hood. With this in mind, you might consider what I’ve been sharing of late as sort of A BRIDGE over which people can cross the chasm between the graven images of Christ and the living REALITY of Christ.

May God bless you all with childlike hearts and with hearing ears, for without those, this will all be worthless to you.