Three Points from Job

Beloved, many people like to think that the blameless get rewarded and the wicked suffer. The truth is, they both suffer, the former able to do it though in a way that glorifies God and which leads into deeper salvation. The book of Job is all about this.

Also, suffering or prosperity is not distributed in the world in proportion to the evil or the good that a person does. God is sovereign. He reigns in the affairs of ALL men. Quite often it is only He who understands why He allows what He allows.

Also, the contemporary prosperity theology of today is a load of crap. The book of Job is all about this too. Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar were prosperity preachers who were grossly entrenched in theological error. Job though, is a type of a remnant, a remnant of the church that is prepared by God for their “double portion” inheritance (the inheritance of mature Sons of God), and this by way of a very hot fiery furnace.