This is Communion

I feel to say a little something here about communion, not the juice and the wafer kind, but the kind that I believe the Lord is looking for from us (and with us) today.

Let me put it to you this way…

The Lord is greatly increasing His presence and His glory in the earth today, and this, in a great part, is through a remnant that is crossing all denominational and sectarian barriers just to love on and minister to one another and worship the Lord together with all of their hearts. This is saying that somehow, when the Lord’s anointed come together and there are not divisions and various forms of strife among them but they truly come together to minister to the Lord and to love on one another as the Spirit leads, THEN there seems to be a multiplication of the Lord’s presence in the meeting which far exceeds the simple sum of the collective presence within the individuals.

Are you with me?

What I mean by this, beloved, is that when believers mutually give and share of themselves those things which God has put within them to share and they do this under the power of the anointing and in an environment which bespeaks of true worship and love, THEN there is an increase of the anointing within and upon each one of the believers, bringing all involved into a greater experience with God Himself!

This is saying that if we will just come together in unity and love and welcome all to speak and share as led by the Holy Spirit, submit ourselves to ONE ANOTHER in the fear of God, then more and more of the Word of Love and Life will come forth in our meetings and by this Word the inner spirit man of each individual will be fed and even increased. THIS IS a feeding upon the Body and the Blood of Christ, not by the carnal ordinance of juice and crackers, but by the Wine of the Spirit and the anointed Word of God which is the Bread of Life!

Dear friends, our spirits can only feed on spiritual bread and drink wine that is of divine essence. Anything other than this might touch our flesh or even touch the mind and emotions of our souls, but it cannot reach into our spirits. This is saying that the religious ceremony and liturgical act that we have grown so accustomed to and call “Communion Service” is based upon a symbolic act of Jesus that was meant to convey a much higher truth than that of the figurative act itself. The figurative act has become another dead religious Christian ritual though, something which has served to obscure the truth rather than reveal it. This is often the way of religion.

Anyway, bread and wine, flesh and blood, manna and water; all of that is a symbolic representation of the Word of Love and Life, beloved. The Body and the Blood of Jesus that we are to consume and assimilate into our beings is the Anointed Word of God. It is not juice and crackers. When we share THIS ANOINTED WORD communally, then we are truly partaking of the Lord’s Supper. His supper is HIS PRESENCE, and as we feed upon this, even within one another, then that presence is increased within each one of us exponentially. This is communion, my dear friends.

Today is a day, beloved ones, when the Lord’s presence and His glory is greatly increasing in some Christian gatherings and this because there is a people arising in the earth today who are learning to COMMUNE with the Lord and with one another in Spirit and Truth. With regard to this, I think that it’s high time now for many of us to step away from certain carnal religious ordinances so that we might better congregate as a people around the Lord’s True Table, a place where we no longer look at things in only the figurative religious way, but where we come to understand divine lessons of which the figures were only signposts.

Blessings to you all.

In Him,