Thinking Hearts

Along the lines of what I’ve been sharing (with my e-mail list) lately, I have also been hearing about the need for us to THINK WITH OUR HEARTS and not our heads (for there we connect with the Father), and of the tremendous HEALING EFFECTS which come from THE ENERGY FIELD that radiates from thoroughly “connected” hearts.

I sense that there is great change at hand, beloved, even A MORPHOGENIC CHANGE IN THE QUANTUM STATE in which ANTIPARTICLES (within and without us) are being ANNIHILATED by the energy generated by UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (Christ in you and me). This is in preparation for the coming age.

There are surely many Christians in the world today who are waiting for the time of their change, waiting to be “transformed.” I propose to you though that THIS TRANSFORMATION IS NOT TIME DEPENDENT, BUT IS SPIRIT/ENERGY DEPENDENT. In other words; THE UNLIMITED HEALING AND TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU AND ME, and this comes forth FROM WITHIN US by way of our CONNECTEDNESS and SUBJECTED-NESS to the Spirit, and by our love and compassion for one another.