The Zarephath Work

In type we can see what I have been sharing lately in the story of Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath’s son. Elijah is a type of Christ in this story, while the dead boy is a type of the spirit of adamic man.

The son of the widow “grew ill” in this story, and I think that this represents for us Adam’s giving into the temptations of the outward life. The boy eventually died, and for us I think that this represents Adam’s spirit death, which was the result of his conscious choice and action of eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Beloved, as far as I understand it, this spiritual death of Adam does not represent a loss of the spirit consciousness of man, but rather it represents a death to man’s Spirit consciousness, an alienation of man from the life that is available to him in God. This, beloved, is why the spirit of man must be revived – vivified in Christ.

I think that this “revival/vivification” is clearly seen in this story, don’t you? In this story the son of the widow died. Elijah then (as a type of Christ) brought the boy to an “upper room” where he then overlaid his body on the body of the boy (an eclipse of sorts). This, beloved, was done in Zarephath, which is the name of a town which relates to the refining and the smelting of metals. This town, beloved, was a place where things were OVERLAID IN GOLD (think of the Ark here).

Yes, Elijah stretched himself out on the boy “three times ” and the boy came back to life! I think that this beautifully pictures for us man’s resurrection out from the dead, and I think it also pictures for us THE ZAREPHATH WORK; the overlaying of Christ’s Spirit upon the (dead) spirit of men, and also figures for us THE NEW CREATION MAN that will come forth from this resurrection, which will be a HUMAN ARK overlaid in Christ’s DIVINITY!

Beloved, after the boy of the widow was raised, it became clear to the widow that Elijah surely was an EXPRESSION OF THE TRUTH. I think that this pictures for us a world that will come to CLEARLY KNOW THE TRUTH when God’s beloved First-fruits are raised out from all adamic death. This, beloved, is when the Ark of the Testimony will once again be revealed in the earth, not as a wooden box overlaid in gold, but as sons of Adam overlaid in God; sons of men born of women, but also SONS OF GOD who are BEGOTTEN of the Father.