The “Working Out” Part

As most of you should recognize by now, a man has instinctive predispositions which belonged to his spirit before his physical incarnation. The actual events that led to these predispositions are largely forgotten, for one would not be able to FULLY PLUG IN to the present corporeal life if he or she were constantly flooded with thoughts of previous incarnations, especially thoughts of the failures. The conscience has some recollection of these things though, and it is in this way that you and I both know the things that we need to work on.

You all should also know that these predispositions of spirit may occasionally incite us to wrong-thinking or wrongdoing, in which we will be seconded (or seduced) by spirits who are sympathetically drawn to that wrong-thinking and/or wrong-doing. Do you see how important it is to be able to “take thoughts captive,” beloved? There is no incitement to thought or action which is irresistible, for God will not allow any of us to be tempted beyond our ability to resist. Of course, herein lies the tension between our predispositions, spiritual influences and our spiritual advancement. This is the “working out” part of our salvation, beloved.

The salvation that is a “free gift and not of works” is the FORGIVENESS granted to us so that we can obtain fellowship with the Father (and a myriad of others in Christ) by the Spirit. I’m writing here of the “salvation” which IS NOT FREE, but which needs to be “worked out” (with a great sense of awe and responsibility).

Of course, there is ANOTHER part of salvation too; what Paul (in Romans) referred to as “the redemption of the body.” That’s that celestial, incorruptible and immortal (5th dimension and higher) spirit-body stuff again.

Is the picture getting any clearer?

I hope so.

May the Lord bless you all with insight and understanding of these things.