The Word of Our Testimony

Beloved, to LIVE in Christ is to be constantly rejoicing in the Lord at all times. It is about letting our intimate experience in and with God be known to all mankind, not only by our words and our deeds, but even by what is going on in our hearts behind those words and deeds. People can tell when our hearts do not line up with our words, ya know. They really can. People can actually feel what is coming forth from within our hearts. Think about that. This is why I have been encouraging others lately to judge any fleshly thing that rises up in their hearts, even if it’s only for a moment. God will deal with that thing (whatever it is) if we will simply judge it as unclean and then surrender it up to Him. This has to do with the proving of our testimony, by the way, in that our seemingly godly words and deeds today are being tested and tried to see if they actually line up with what is in our hearts. “Overcomers” overcome the world, the flesh and the devil by the Blood of the Lamb, THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and by not loving their lives unto death. I really think that this “testimony” part has not so much to do with outward spoken words and actions as much as it has to do with THE INWARD EXPRESSION of hearts.

Surely, this is something for us all to think and pray about.

Bless you. — D