The Way of Ascension

First off; let me say here that “heaven” is not a far away glittering jewel studded city that religious people make it out to be, but rather, that word is simply a term for THE SPIRIT REALM with all of its varying degrees and dimensions. This short article (for the most part) is about attaining to the highest degrees of the heavenly realms.

I’ve mentioned before that I believe that the First Resurrection is not so much about a bodily resurrection as much it is about the resurrection of the spirit (and spirit-body) of man to high degrees (realms) of the spirit world. With regard to this, it is good for us to also know that the spiritual body (the “celestial” light body) and the ascending spirit of a man cannot be separated, in that one of these cannot ascend to the Father without the other. This is saying, beloved, that the celestial body is THE VEHICLE for the ascension of our spirit.

Having said this, I cannot emphasize enough here the importance of us being steadfast in the putting on of our fine and undefiled ascension garments (this is the celestial body). This is all done through the turning away from all that defiles and by wholeheartedly surrendering to the will and the purposes of the Father. It is in THIS WAY that we are “made ready” for our entrance into the the upper dimensions of the spirit world, dear friends.

I have been waiting for years for more revelation of the condition of spirits that have parted from their bodies in death, and it has been made clear to me that entrance of these spirits into the highest realms of heaven is granted only to “him that overcometh.” This is saying that if full victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil is not obtained in this lifetime, then upon physical dissolution of the body one will find them-self in the astral plane of the spirit world where they will remain until Christ is more fully put on for ascension (reincarnation surely comes into play here).

This is saying that if we hope to attain to the “blessed and holy” First Resurrection out from the dead, we must, unreservedly, and with faith and great patience, press on for that MOST HIGH MARK in Christ Jesus, not even thinking much about what we might suffer to attain to it, but rather, delighting in the will of the Lord above all things, even relishing in those sufferings which God allows into our lives in order that all that is imperfect and defiled be fully swallowed up in Christ.

May you all be blessed with understanding of these things.