The Way Into the Fullness

Beloved, I feel that I am to sound an alarm to God’s end-time remnant today, if not also to all of the nations of professed Christendom, that most of us for long have spoken of the things of true discipleship, but the truth is that we have not been living as true disciples. We’ve really been kidding ourselves in many ways, believing what we want to believe.

My personal experience of late is that God is pulling out all stops in order to make me into someone who truly counts not his life his own, to make me into someone who counts Christ’s life of uttermost importance and who thereby lives (or dies) for Him. Frankly, through the trials and the afflictions that have come upon me in the last few years, I feel that God is RUINING ME to the extent that whatever strength I have is His. I have none of my own anymore. Along these lines, I, like Paul, can say that I somehow even find glory in infirmities knowing that the power of Christ may rest upon me in my weakness.

Taking pleasure (finding glory) in infirmities? Really? Yes. This is about sowing or being sown of the Lord – yielding ourselves up to God so extensively that we no longer take unto ourselves any selfish thoughts or concerns. Beloved, the life that must be given up in order for us to know real life WILL NOT BE WRENCHED from God’s First-fruits. No. It must be GIVEN AS A FREEWILL OFFERING to our Father, something that is a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice unto Him.

Though many of us have been taught a whole lot about Tabernacles and about Sonship, beloved, the truth is that almost none of us are walking in what we’ve been taught. Tabernacles is not knowing about utterness, it is about living in utterness. Tabernacles is not knowing about sacrificial living, it is about living as sacrifices. Tabernacles is not about talking and sharing and teaching about death to self, it is about death to all self-initiative and independent thinking that we might live the LIFE OF GOD in Christ Jesus. Tabernacles is about a place in God where we draw no lines over which we will not cross in our following of the Lamb, beloved ones. It is not just about knowing that we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God has ordained that we should walk in them. It’s about actually walking in those things.

I’ve been told recently that the message of the cross is foolishness, that there is a much better way. Well, I know that THERE IS NO OTHER WAY into the power of God and the fullness of our salvation (though many people might want to think so). Even though utter faith and trust in God and the ability to wholly follow after Him is most always birthed out from great anguish and suffering, perplexity and pain, I will go that way if need be, knowing that there is a glory that is to be revealed in God’s sons that comes in no other way than by them coming to the utter end of themselves.

Along these lines, my hope and my prayer in the moment is that the Lamb of God will soon receive the reward of His suffering; sons that come forth in His likeness and in the fullness of His anointing, to turn the world upside down, to the glory of God the Father.