The (Unstoppable) Big Shift

We live in a world where there seems to be more evil present than good. Life is not easy here because it is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. For spirits, this world in its present state is one of probation and exile, trials and expiations, but this is destined to (soon) change.

Though little is known about this by the inhabitants of our present world, there ARE worlds of higher degree than ours where wars are unknown because no one thinks of doing harm to his neighbor. For the most part, people live selflessly in these places, these worlds having transitioned from being places for trial and expiation to that of REGENERATION (or higher) and this because of the corporate expression of men’s hearts. Worlds change as the inhabitants of the worlds change, and herein lies the profound wisdom of Jesus’ statement “the kingdom of God is within you.”

Our planet is in transition, beloved, and we can help this transition along by putting into practice (applying to our lives) what we are now learning by the Spirit. Also, because the transition of our planet at this time is so important TO GOD and because this transition is largely dependent upon the vibration of our hearts, I kinda suspect that those who do not CO-OPERATE with what the Spirit is teaching us about all of this will probably not be around for THE BIG CHANGE.

Actually, the transition of this planet has been occurring since mankind appeared on Earth, as we have been taken through the PRIMITIVE stages of Earth to and through its ATONEMENT stages and we are now being primed and MADE READY to move into THE REGENERATIVE STAGE.

I have said that we can HELP the flow of this transition along but at the same time we should know that it is also UNSTOPPABLE. Let’s look at it this way: Since the good and the meek and the selfless must ultimately REIGN on the Earth, it shall be necessary for God to eventually EXCLUDE spirits who are hardened in selfishness and who would bring in constant disharmony to the new world. Of course, God is now allowing everyone time to repent (change), but when the time comes in which, THROUGH THE MORAL PROGRESS of its inhabitants, the Earth MUST ASCEND in the hierarchy of worlds, it will be OFF LIMITS as a home for incarnates and discarnates who have not taken advantage of the time, the grace and the teachings of the Lord. To put it bluntly; these uncooperative spirits will be EXILED to lower worlds and they will be replaced by better (purer) spirits. You may want to think here about “the devil being chained for 1000 years,” as that verse certainly has something to do with all of this.