The Thunder, the Rain, and the River

“Elijah” is coming up again. With regard to this, Elijah is called “the prophet of restoration,” and for us I think that this represents a prophetic remnant sent (to the Church) in the spirit and power of Elijah so that a genuine altar of worship can once again be built unto the Lord. This altar, beloved, bespeaks of lives lived as sacrifices unto God and of a restoration of TRUTH which has been lying as “dead in the streets” for far too long. In other words, this remnant serves to present truth in a way that will RAISE THE STANDARD back to where it once was for God’s elect.

It seems that God’s end of the age plan to “save” His Church (deliver her and mature her) is inclusive of some rather weighty words and judgments that will often be delivered to men through men. This, in a sense, is the “thunder” portion of the end of the age work, and is what I believe will make way for more of Christ to come forth from within many men (which is the “rain” portion). What I am describing here, really, is deliverance ministry FOR God’s elect.

With regard to the “rain,” I think that it is not so much an outward coming of the Holy Spirit as much as it is a COMING FORTH of the Holy Spirit from within men, and is what will cause the RIVER OF GOD TO RISE IN MEN, even that “RIVER OF LIVING WATER” which Jesus said would gush forth from the innermost being of believers at the fullness of the Feast of Tabernacles. If I’m not mistaken, the “thunder” portion of the Elijah ministry must precede the coming of the rain, beloved (though some of it might work simultaneously with the rain).

To boil this all down for you, let me just say here that I believe that God intends to use a prophetic remnant (Elijah) to BLOW UP the dams in certain men’s hearts (satanic strongholds and religious mindsets) so that THE RIVER OF LIFE might then flow rather freely in and through these people. Jesus said that Elijah must come first (before the fullness of Tabernacles) and “restore” all things. This “restoration” work is inclusive of some DEMOLITION WORK, beloved, for things of the Kingdom of God cannot be built upon things which are not of the Kingdom. In other words, there is often some tearing down (or “blowing up”) before there can be a building up (or a “coming forth”).

Something to (seriously) think about, huh? … and perhaps, prepare our hearts for.

Bless you.