The Thinning Veil

Beloved, many of you may not be able to tell just yet, but the veil between this and other dimensions is thinning, and this is having all sorts of effects on the people who dwell in the 3d world. For some, what is going on all around them (in the spirit world) is becoming much more apparent to them, and because of this these people can be far more effective in freeing themselves and others from the negative influences which contaminate our world. 

For others, they seem to be becoming even more entrenched in their vices, dark thinking and dark behavior, but even this is working for the good of the whole, for it is ordained for darkness to cover the earth and thick darkness to cover many people as this shall serve to AWAKEN many people to their need to turn from darkness to the Light. 

Essentially, many people need to have their nose rubbed in their dark influences before they will actually seek (cry out to God for) help. To this end, “the thinning veil” is quite effective.

Along these lines; God’s people (those who claim to follow Him) need to ARISE (even to understanding of their own dark influences) so that THEY TOO can be profoundly delivered and in this way REALLY shine. 

These are pretty intense (blessed) times, indeed, especially for those who are BRAVE ENOUGH to look deep within their own hearts and HONEST ENOUGH with themselves to admit that there are doors to darkness there which need to be closed – forever.