The Spirit-Body

I don’t know if I’ll be sharing much more on this recent subject or not, but because some people have asked questions about the spirit-body, I feel to offer you this…

In the light of what has been revealed recently, I encourage you all unto prayer and to meditation and to the examination of your hearts. The planes of existence for the inhabitants of the Beyond are personalized in many different ways, and life in each realm is invariably individualized according to the heart condition and the life experiences of each individual. Our spirit-bodies are also highly individualized (1 Corinthians 15).

With regard to these spirit-bodies, it is my understanding that they are the semi-material coverings for our spirits, even that which connects our spirit to our physical body. Much like the germ or seed of a fruit is surrounded by the perisperm and then that is surrounded by the skin or shell of the fruit, so the spirit of man is surrounded by the spirit-body (called by some “the perispirit”) and this is then surrounded by the physical body. It is the spirit-body and spirit that move on into the spirit world after physical death, beloved. The physical body returns to the dust of the earth. It is that perishable part (the “flesh and blood” part) of the seed sown in death. The spirit and spirit-body are the parts of the seed which are raised imperishable, in some cases, even raised in glory and in power. With regard to this, know that the essence (or energetic vibration) of a spirit-body changes in accordance with the realm that a spirit inhabits. In other words, in passing from one realm to another, a spirit changes its semi-material envelope much like you and I change a garment.

With all of this in mind, beloved, please understand that your spirit-body evolves or changes as you do, and upon death it is drawn to the realm which most closely matches its development. This is saying that your spirit-body improves in the experiences of action and reaction, cause and effect. This, in certain ways, has to do with our being “judged according to our deeds.” In the earth plane and in the lower spiritual realms, these spirit-bodies can also suffer temporal harm or damage though. It is my understanding that in the hellish realms some spiritual bodies are deformed, some even grotesque, and for those who have attained to the highest of the heavenly realms, their spirit-bodies are almost unlimited in their ability to take on different forms. Think of Ezekiel 44 here, of the Sons of Zadok having to take off their “linen garments” to put on “woolen” ones in order for them to minister in the “outer court.” This, beloved, describes highly evolved and graduated spirits taking on more dense vehicles or envelopes in order for them to visit and minister in lower realms. With regard to all of this, y’all may want to read 1 Corinthians 15, especially verses 35-58, as this passage of scripture is all about this stuff, though still .. a bit cryptic.

Why is it important for us to know about our spiritual body? Because we are in the process of co-creating it with God. It is a living shrine unto Him, a temple. Because it is an electro-magnetic structure which profoundly influences us and others in our physical and our spiritual lives. Because after death, this is the body par excellence (the truest physical expression of our spirits) and is our spiritual vehicle for the realms that we inhabit. Because there is no limit to its progress, this largely dependent upon the renewing of our minds in Christ, and the working out of our salvation before God. On the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus made manifest His spirit-body, beloved. After His resurrection, He made manifest this same spirit-body but in several different forms. Surely, something to think about.

In closing this I’ll simply add here that the “aura” seen by some folks around the physical body of people is nothing more than a field of subtle luminous radiation from a person’s spirit-body.

That’s all for now. Bless you all.