The River

I first shared this back in 2005, but the Spirit has prompted me to share it again now. I cut and pasted this into e-mail for sending early this morning, but then deleted it as I know that this will bother some church-goers. The Spirit then quickened some things to me that indicated to me that I am to send this now and not lean on my own understanding of what is good for people to hear or not. So, here it is. May you be given an ear to hear whatever is in here for you. — D

Greetings, beloved of the Lord.

I’ve had an opportunity to visit with many church congregations over the past several weeks and I have noticed a very distinct pattern among them which is worthy of noting.

In my recent travels, I have found that in the congregations that held services that were organized and prearranged by men, from song lists for the worship team, to specific places in the service allotted for prayer and for the offering, to preplanned and thoroughly outlined bible studies delivered by someone referred to as “The Pastor” and strict time schedules that had to be kept, there was very little of the Lord’s presence in that gathering. For the most part, the people were not interacting with God Himself but were partaking in a church “service”.

On the other hand, in meetings (not “services”) where God was ministered to in the worship and specific men were not lifted up and in control of the meeting but rather the Holy Spirit was given preeminence to lead and direct a gathering of like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ, there was a strong presence of the Lord, almost overwhelming to me at times, and there was a great humility and brokenness among the people. In these gatherings, God was meeting with His people and gathering them unto Him. Oh how very different this type of meeting was from the other!

After meditating upon this this morning, and seeking the Lord for His direction to some scriptures that speak about this very thing, I was led to Luke chapter 4 and verses 18-19 which reads:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on Me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim freedom to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

I find this passage of scripture very interesting in that Jesus proclaimed this to religious leaders in a Jewish synagogue, and this at the beginning of His Sonship ministry. Just after the devil had thoroughly tested and tried Jesus in the wilderness, He returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit and boldly proclaimed in one of the synagogues in Nazareth that He had come to set men free from a religious system that was holding God’s people in bondage.

When Jesus ministered to a group of people on a mountain a short time later, He said nothing of setting the captives free (for that particular message at that time was for the religious ones in the synagogue), rather, Jesus preached to the people gathered on the mountain truths pertaining to the Kingdom of God and about the nature and character of their Father.

The question that I have for all of you is this: Is the Lord visiting the religious leaders of today with a message proclaiming His intention to free His people once again from an oppressive system of religion that cannot produce mature spiritual sons, but only poor, blind, and naked, system dependent spiritual babies?

Yes, He is.

Is He calling us to come out from our traditional mindsets regarding Christian meetings so that we can minister to Him in that synagogue which is above (episunagoge – Gk) and that so that He can manifest Himself to us and then through us to the world, in an awesome, wondrous, and glorious way?

Yes, He is.

Beloved, the day of the streams is over. The Day of the River is now at hand. If you are in a stream of religion, ask the Lord to show you the way to the River.

For several weeks now the following word has been repeating in my spirit …

“Stay in the River. The day of the streams is over. The Day of the River has begun.”

After asking the Lord to clarify this for me. He dropped the following word into my spirit, something that I believe I should share with you now.

“David, the Kingdom of God is far more important than individual churches and ministries, so an end must be brought to many of the ministry paradigms that God’s people have grown so accustomed to and this is so that God’s plans and purposes for the Body of Christ can be accomplished in the earth.

“To see His purposes accomplished within a people, God is now allowing frustration to build to a critical point within many ministries and church congregations, and this is so that His people will seek Him for direction in a time of shifting and transition from one age into another far more glorious one.

“Most of Christendom has been trapped in a religious system that does not really feed them, and because of this, they are not growing strong in the spiritual life and in their understanding of the ways of God’s Kingdom.

“Very little of what is done in Christian meetings actually enables people to live the life that God desires for them, and this because God Himself is not allowed to do that which He desires to do most in those meetings – interact with His people.

“The day of denominational streams and Christian sects is over. No longer will there be blessing for sectarian ministries ruled by men, men who have usurped the authority of the Spirit to see their programs and their agendas and their timetables for meetings met.

“The Day of the River has come. It is a day to be swept away in the Life of the Spirit. Only a small remnant will be able to leave the traditional streams to follow the Lord on into the River of total abandonment to God. These will be used to not only minister to men, but to minister to God Himself. The rest, well, they will carry on as they always have with their lifeless meetings and religious activities, not even realizing that the glory of God has long departed from them.”