The Reality Of A Rent Veil

Surely, the Tent of Meeting and Solomon’s Temple both picture for us God’s plan for the redemption of His whole Creation-man, the sections of this tent and temple representing our journey from newly “begotten from above” sinner who is justified by faith, to our manifestation as a son of God. This morning I draw your attention to the Altar of Incense that is before the veil which separates the Holy Place from the Holiest of All, beloved, and I propose to you that with respect to our journey, this is where the HEART-CRY to know God in the power of Christ’s resurrection Life is released, the heart-cry which (when accepted by the Father) brings one into the fellowship of suffering and the process by which the veil (which represents our fleshly self-life) can be fully rent (torn from top to bottom) making way for entrance into the Most Holy Place.

Beloved, even as the Tree of Life is guarded by cherubim which wield a flaming sword, so also the reason that cherubim were woven into the fabric of the veil which separated the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place in the tent and temple. The Most Holy Place here represents the place of FULLNESS, the place of our entering into our Tabernacles inheritance, and the Holy Place here represents the place of lesser Pentecostal mixture. The cherubim embroidered on the veil depict that which prevents “flesh and blood” from entering the Kingdom of God, beloved, “blood” being that independent self-life of soulish-minded man.

I hope that you might be able to see how this word dovetails with things shared most recently, the gist of the message being our need for the full and complete crucifixion of our self-life, apart from which there will be no “first resurrection” for us. Even though Jesus Christ rent this veil when He died, beloved, THE REALITY OF A RENT VEIL must become ours through an in-wrought work of the Holy Spirit. Until this work has been fully wrought-out IN US, we cannot enter into the fullness of God’s Presence. This veil (which represents our soulish flesh-life) must IN REALITY be torn completely in us, then we can go in, and never come out again.