The Purpose of Repetitive Signs

Surprisingly, I’m supposed to share on this subject this morning…

Many people go through life without having developed clear contact and communication with Christ, and so, what happens is that Christ will seek to communicate with the conscious mind of these people through OUTER SIGNS. Take note here that Christ is always willing to give spiritual seekers clear intuitive insight which does not rely on or need an outer sign, but because so many people have not yet developed their INNER SIGHT AND INTUITION to the point of being able to hear Christ directly, signs are given, basically, just to GET THE ATTENTION of these people.

In other words, signs (especially those chronic and repetitive ones) is Christ trying to get your attention and make you aware that you need to use YOUR INNER INTUITION to tune into your Christ self. Christ is not using the sign to say, “Do this!” It is using it to say, “Wake up, man, and listen to me IN YOUR HEART, as that is where I will tell you what you need to know!” In many cases, the directions that you need are far too complex to be communicated through an outer sign. The sign is basically just a knock on the noggin which is saying, “Wake up and LISTEN!”

It is essential to understand what I’m sharing here, because it is most futile and fruitless to try to interpret a sign with the outer, analytical mind or with your emotions. You will never be able to use the outer mind to get the message behind the sign. And here is the central problem for a lot of people – a sign is necessary for them because they are too caught up in THE ANALYTICAL MIND or are overwhelmed by NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. It is basically an act of last resort – Christ seeking to give these people an outer sign which is noticed by their conscious mind. Yet it is so easy for the overactive analytical mind or unbalanced emotions of these people to take over and seek to interpret the message behind the sign. That is NOT a good thing to do, for this has led numerous people to misinterpret a sign and use it to justify what their intellects or emotions want to hear.

Keep in mind with all of this, that I’m touching on the purpose of those REPETITIVE SIGNS here – those which keep popping up in people’s lives, and that “signs following,” which are used to confirm a word already spoken to someone’s heart, is another thing.

Related to this, I was awakened at 4:44 this morning, and I knew immediately that this was a message for me to “tune-in” to hear something from my brethren in high spiritual places. That “something,” beloved, is this note to you. I think that it’s kinda cute, really, how they used a sign to get my attention so that I could bring forth a message to you about signs.