The Prepared Place

What is really going to “bake some noodles” is when I tell y’all that it seems that we all already exist (energetically) in all dimensions simultaneously, that what changes is our perspective (and our experience) and this by a shift in our consciousness – even our thinking. In order to get a handle on this it might help to think of “the renewing of our mind” here, and of “putting on the mind of Christ,” and also of (already) being “seated with Christ in heavenly places.” I used to think that the latter of these things was just a legal position for us, but there seems to be a lot more to it than that.

Are you working out your salvation, beloved, co-operatively working with the Spirit in order to overcome? Well, if you are, that is good and is right and is necessary, but also consider that there is a realm and an energetic expression of you in the (eternal) spirit world where overcoming is already fully accomplished, but this is not your experience yet because you are still thinking and seeing and operating in many ways from a (low) 3rd dimensional perspective. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” comes to mind.

But (it is written that) we have the mind of Christ! Yes? In some sense, this “mind” is “the place” that Jesus went to the cross to PREPARE FOR US so that where HE IS (dwelling in the highest of attainable realms in the Father’s House) THERE WE MAY BE ALSO! We just need to live, move and have our being TOTALLY wrapped up in this MIND, beloved, and this takes a radical surrender of our lives (every aspect of them) for His. There’s the rub.