The Narrow Path

Jesus said that FEW there be who shall find and travel on “the narrow path” which leads to LIFE, and, as I have shared, there are Powers (both spiritual and human) who have done everything that they can to make it difficult to find this path, not to mention walk it, and this includes creating FALSE PATHS that promise salvation but fail to deliver it. Of course, the religions of this world (all of them) are examples of these false paths.

The distinction between the true path which leads to Life and the false paths is subtle, and this is why we need Christ’s DISCERNMENT and the teachings and light from ON HIGH in order to have A SOLID FRAME OF REFERENCE. If the false path of mainstream religion is all that we have ever seen, then we have no foundation for seeing that it IS a false path (sprinkled with some bits of truth) and we will remain in it – content.

In short; the false paths promise you that if you follow the prescripts of an outer religion, you are guaranteed to be “saved.” It also says that you can be saved only through an established church and its hierarchy of human beings. The TRUE PATH says that salvation is exclusively a matter of you RISING ABOVE THE ILLUSIONS of the anti-christ mind and 3d and 4d perspectives and in this way attain to THE MIND OF CHRIST and to your personal Christhood/Sonship. There is no authority on earth that is needed for this because everything depends on YOUR INNER RELATIONSHIP with Spirit and with a MYRIAD OF OTHERS in community in HIGH DIMENSIONS of the spirit world. There has never been, on planet Earth, any church that had a patent on God, Beloved, a patent on truth or a patent on connection to our ascended brethren.

So what is the TRUE way? It is the way of THE EVER FLOWING, LIVING WORD OF GOD which is FREE from dead outer doctrine and religious creeds because it cannot be fixated in time and space and it cannot be manipulated by the carnal minds of men. This is THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, Beloved, of JESUS CHRIST and of His ascended messengers, guides and teachers who continually bring forth THE LIVING WORD in various measures into all dimensions of being.

Men create churches which bring forth some teachings that ARE ALIVE and then they DEVIATE from the flow of the Spirit and the organization begins to STAGNATE and CALCIFY, becoming rigid in its dogma and attracting and CREATING people who are also rigid, who want to be comfortable, who want to have an automatic path, a guarantee of “heaven.” This then becomes just another FALSE PATH. This then becomes another RELIGIOUS THING which constantly puts forth the vibration of, “If you follow us, we can guarantee your salvation. If you follow our organization and follow its rules and its doctrines, if you do all of the practices that you are supposed to do, you will know what the truth is and in that way you can be assured of heaven.”

Deception, all of it, with a whole lot of delusion mixed in too. Not that God (in His mercy) does not meet people in these places in order to teach them some things, but this is only supposed to be UNTIL they are ready to MOVE INTO A HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS and thereby move closer to God and closer to their inheritance in Christ. In other words, NOBODY is supposed to stay there. But most people do. If not physically, then in their hearts, and there they remain then.. in a CALCIFIED STATE of religious misunderstanding.