The Mind’s Eye

OK, here we go…

The short of it is that about a year ago I was shown by the Spirit of the need and the way for some of us to go very deep in meditation, so deep that (though not asleep) natural thinking can be completely bypassed and we can mainline spirit-to-Spirit there seeing things with the mind’s eye (the Pineal gland). At this time I was brought into one trance after another and was shown many things, one of which was a spinning vortex, something that I now know to be a traversable wormhole through which we can translate (to move out of time and space and into other times and places, even different dimensions of the spirit realm). I believe that this wormhole (shaped like a whirlwind when seen in the spirit) could well be the way of translation for prophets and missionaries of old.

Anyway, this may be a minor digression from what I just said, but I told you that I would share with you a spiritual exercise which should help many of you go deeper than you may have gone before while in meditation and prayer. This is a memory exercise, something that has been presented to me (by the Spirit) as a way for people to not just remember past experiences and traumas but actually visit these things in their spirit. Doing this can expose spiritual and emotional hurts and traumas (damaged code) which need to be healed (rewritten) and/or patterns that need to be broken. This exercise has already served to expose (and heal) a rather severe wound in me that I didn’t even know was there, this going back almost 30 years to a time when I was young, very foolish and married.

Personally I have found that this exercise is best done just before retiring for the night, as this (for me) seems to be a good time to slip into a meditative state and then into a trance, but it can be done at any time. I sometimes put on soft instrumental music when I do this to help me relax and help me to move more quickly into a deep meditative state.

Relaxed and free from distractions, I then think about my latest day – RELIVE THIS DAY in my mind and heart and this from the very beginning of the day to the very end. I go through the events of the day and visit certain details and emotions as these things are brought forth by the Holy Spirit. When I get to the end of the day, I reverse the whole process, thinking then about the events of the day from end to beginning rather than from beginning to end. It’s really quite amazing the different details of the day and the emotions that surface along with them when we do this. We can really learn a lot about ourselves, especially with regard to certain emotional patterns and thoughts that need sanctification.

Beloved, what’s been happening to me (and what I’m now hearing from others as their experience too) is that before I get back to thinking about the beginning of the day when starting from the end, the Holy Spirit takes me off to somewhere else. For a little while this has been to visit places of hurts both big and small (memories going back to even early childhood). The Spirit then somehow heals the damaged parts in the spirit which are associated with these memories. Without getting into much detail about this healing process, let me just say here that the whole experience can be quite euphoric. I’ve been greatly caught up into the Lord’s Presence in these times and have seen (in my mind’s eye) wave after wave after after wave of beautiful rainbow colored light as Spirit energy “rewrites my spiritual code.” Now, I’m not going to pretend that I know full well what is really going on with all of this. All I know for sure is that it’s been presented to me by the Spirit as “the rewriting of spiritual code,” and that the benefits of doing all of this have been extremely profound.

There is more that I would like to share with you about this, this “more” (for the most part) having to do with that traversable wormhole that I mentioned at the beginning of this letter. I’ll have to save that for another time though. These are certainly exciting times – many of us now awakening like never before in preparation for a great battle with gross darkness in the end of the age, and a wondrous manifestation of the Kingdom and the power and the glory of God in the age to come.

Bless you. — D


As I have shared in a recent e-mail to the List, people who practice deep meditation outside of communion with the Holy Spirit are open to all sorts of deception. This is because in a deep meditative state or trance one is very teachable. What spirit (or Spirit) is doing the guiding and teaching? – that is the question. Personally, I have no concerns along these lines (not for myself), as I know the voice of my Shepherd, and I will not follow another.

For those of you who are starting to practice the memory exercise, my experience with this is that the Spirit is using this on a number of levels, the first of these being the immediate past, where we are shown certain emotions and thoughts of our day, some that may need to be sanctified. Please keep in mind as you do this that this is a JOINT REVIEW of your day between you and the Holy Spirit.

Then there is the next level past, which can be a visitation to thoughts and emotions and experiences from your birth until now. When meditating on your day, you may find yourself drifting off to thoughts about times past, even back to early childhood, Don’t fight this. Just drift off as you are drawn by the Spirit to other places in your mind. This is what the exercise is for, to get you free from the natural control of your thoughts and to let the Spirit take you places like a leaf upon the Wind.

Then, there is even a deeper place to go to in this. Based upon my experience, this is where we can cross dimensional lines to see from a perspective that is entirely outside of the time/space continuum .. and more.

Oh, and also, beloved, during this exercise you may find yourselves drawn to intercession for people who are coming into your thoughts. It is probably best not to resist this either. — D