The Mid Orders

I’ve said some things of late about the dark influences of the spirit world, here’s a little something about the mid orders which are of a higher vibration rate than this earthly one…

With regard to spirits who have gained entrance into the paradisiacal realms, it is my understanding that these have a desire for excellence and for the predominance of the Holy Spirit, and yet they still must be subjected to temptation and trials for their sanctification and progression unto even higher realms. Temptation and trials in “Paradise”? Yes. Paradise is not the realm of perfection, beloved.

The spirits who inhabit these realms have not yet been completely dematerialized either, in that their spirit-body still preserves the traces of a corporeal (material) existence even though its resonant frequency is higher than that of the spirit’s earthly physical existence. As far as I understand it, this “corporeality” is more or less strongly marked according to the rank and the order of the spirit, something that can be discerned by the mode in which the spirit expresses itself.

The “mid” realms of the spirit world are not as different from the earth realm as many people might expect, beloved, they are much cleaner though, in that those of these realms are no longer troubled by anger or envy or remorse nor by any of the other evil passions which torment spirits of the lower degrees, though there are still many lessons to be learned by the spirits here and weaknesses and imperfections that must be purged from them in order for them to progress higher. Also, it seems that spirits of these realms are given limited access to lower orders by assignment, this for their own learning and progression, as well as for the benefit and progression of the spirits to which they minister/act/intercede.